Reasons for Stagnation in Growth. AKA YearBook Numbers!

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  • ttdtt
    They just df a 14 year old girl last week at my hall.
    It has been 100% established that until the human brain finishes development, what we see as Teen High Risk behavior is just going to happen. No amount of praying or meetings will change the way a teen brain works.Though teens understand the risk involved with some action (like sex) as an adult would, their thinking of the reward is way way higher than and adult. Thats one of the reasons kids do stuff that doesn't make sense.Its like condemning someone who is 5ft for not being able to Dunk a Basketball!!
    So if god is suposed to help you to not be tempted beyond what you can handle, why are so many being DFed?
    Is he taking a break? Where was he for this girl?
    Oh I see - if you dont sin - god helped you - if you do sin - you didn't let god help you.
  • Finkelstein

    I am one those ones who think the WTS. leaders knew that they were frivolously making up doctrines which were more in support of literature proliferation than actually presenting truthful or accurate bible interpretation.

    At the same they were cultivating and establishing their own purveying power and control.

    It was built up on fear, ignorance and people's insecurities.

    The engaging connection between the WTS doctrines and its presence as publishing house can not be

    honestly dismissed

    One could realistically say that the WTS had chosen god , god didn't choose the WTS., and small group of American free wheeling charlatans.

  • Vidiot

    @ ttdtt...

    There are individuals here on JWD - staunch XJWs, mind you - who are still convinced that the WTS / JW religion will outlive us all.

  • ttdtt

    Vidiot - I have to agree. Though I think it will start to contract pretty soon. No economically stable country will show growth in the future. They will have to count on continued amnesia of new ones. in 20 years when the come up with the next Overlapping Generations trick, I think will be the last gasp for them. It may survive, but not in the current form.

    I dont think my post was saying that It will die any time soon? It was on the craziness of pushing for younger and younger baptisms as a transparent effort to get control over people before the Exit on their own without the repercussions of DFing.

  • Simon
    There are individuals here on JWD - staunch XJWs, mind you - who are still convinced that the WTS / JW religion will outlive us all.

    Wishing and wanting something to happen is different to objectively evaluating the likelihood of it happening. You sound like you are judging people simply for being realistic.

    Their growth has slowed ... but it's still growth. For them *not* to outlive us all would need huge declines over many years. Even obviously doomed groups like the Shakers take time to die out. The WTS could survive for many decades if not a century or more with zero growth, just from population size.

    Part of the cart witnessing is making it easier to be a JW. No more walking the streets knocking on doors, just setup a cart and chat with your friend for an hour and job done. It's likely just as effective as the door-to-door work, probably more so, but even if it isn't the fact that it's easier for the publishers means they may slow the decline.

    Imagining they would have year on year declines for decades also assumes that they would not react at all and make any changes to stop it. If people started leaving en-masse because of some policy then do you think they wouldn't see it and reconsider it?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Irwin Zalkin(abuse attorney) asked Mario Moreno(Watchtower attorney), "What can we do to change this, so that this doesn't keep happening?" Moreno replied, "We're never changing." Zalkin said, "We'll see about that."
  • jonza

    I agree with Simon. I've updated my site with the latest stats:

    The rate of increase has slowed, but it is still an increase. Even if this starts a decrease it would have to be a massive % to really affect their numbers. Currently it looks like it might start to decrease in the next 3-5 years, so they have time to do something about that.

    They also have almost 2 Billion hours preaching with even less % converts per hour. If only they would spend that time serving the community doing real charity work (never going to happen, I know), they actually might start having some real growth. That in my opinion, is the only way they could grow at this stage. My old church tried door knocking 50+ years ago and they quickly caught on it didn't work. Through their charitable work I've seen many people come in through the doors from that.

  • freemindfade

    I think under the surface it is ripening for a large change. Yes it may never go away, but something could give way that will create a decrease instead of increase. I think they have hit their apex, they are going to start heading in the other direction.

    As I said earlier I think it is full of termites. You can't see it from outside but inside people are being eaten up by information, their own doubts, and the blundering nature of the org. Even if they plaster a smile on and say "its the truth!!" Its no longer sound.

  • Crazyguy
    To go.along with the last post, a friend goes to a local church and they have had a massive increase of new ones because they go out in to the community and do charitable works and spend money on helping people. I for the life of me can't see why any third world person would join this religion when so many others do give money?
  • ttdtt

    Interesting when you see how Mormons compare to our growth.

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