Watchtower and Awake in the cafeteria of my work place

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Alright, email is sent to HR.

    I have found religious literature in our cafeteria (see picture below). These are magazines published by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though I understand their desire to share their beliefs with others, the truth is that this religious group has, and continues to harm me and my family.

    I am presently considered “inactive”, not officially excommunicated. By becoming inactive, I have lost contact with half of my extended family and lost ALL of my friends. This experience has been dreadful to me and my wife. However, as I am not officially “excommunicated” I can still have contact with my immediate family (parents and parents in-law). Still, my parents would be pressured to follow the practice of shunning should my leaving the group be official. As a result of this, I live in constant fear of being reported to church officials for what would otherwise be considered harmless practices such as celebrating Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, new year’s eve or even saying or writing anything negative on the religion.

    Though this situation makes me and my wife paranoid at times, our love for our parents presently helps us sustaining this compromise. Nevertheless, when I come to work and see that this religious group is pushing its teachings even at my workplace, I find it impossible to ignore.

    I hope you will be able to identify whoever is doing this as this is the second time I am seeing such magazines in the last year at the same location.

    We'll see what happens next....

  • carla

    At times I actually carry sticker to put on the rags if I see them. Usually pointing out or something about pedophiles. You could also print out all the heinous articles about jw's (ARC, etc..) and leave them out. If HR allows the jw to leave religious literature out they must be fair and allow you to leave out your literature as well.

    Print out some of the recent leaked documents and leave them next to the wt rags.

    If a jw leaves literature out for the public they have in essence given them to the public to do with as they please, defacing them should not be an issue.

    If all else fails tell HR you will be contacting the Freedom of Religion folks and an attorney.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Good job Steph ! Once went to the Sherbrooke convention, worst weekend of my life EVAR ! Hours of driving to get there from the Laurentians just to abused and humiliated by more 'spiritual' members. Staying in the college dormatories sleeping in a little single bed dreaming about a younger sister that came on to me earlier..

  • sporece

    Get a black marker and write "cult that breaks up families"

    I usually throw them in the garbage when I see them at the doctor's office.

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