Writing my Disassociation letter

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  • Bebopin

    Today I am working on writing my Disassociation letter. I successfully faded a year ago. But I feel like I can't keep looking over my shoulder anymore I just need to be completely rid of this cult.

    Any suggestions on letter and it's content?

    Thank you

  • ToesUp
  • Crazyguy
    Make it short and to the point, this is the only way your going to possibly get through to the one reading it. If you don't care then just call them a bunch of pedophile covering up self righteous bastards that see them selves as the faithful and discreet slave even though Peter says in Luke it's just a parable. So therefore their just a bunch of con men that will die with Satan.
  • nicolaou

    If you've no family to lose and don't object to 'playing by their rules' then have fun with it!

    Don't bother outlining doctrinal failings, they probably wouldn't even read it.

  • LostGeneration

    Write whatever you want.

    Send it to everyone else in the congo via mail/e-mail. Let them all know you left on your terms, not theirs.

  • Bebopin

    Thank you guys for the good suggestions. I only have a mom and a younger brother still in.I have other family who has left and feels same way i do.

    You are rite they probably won't read it anyways huh.

    Is there a reason I shouldn't list all the problems I have with teachings if I still have family in?

  • Incognito

    But I feel like I can't keep looking over my shoulder anymore I just need to be completely rid of this cult.

    Since you indicate that you successfully faded, has there been anything that has actually warranted looking over your shoulder?

    As you said 'But I feel...', you are referring to personal feelings within you. If you perceive yourself as having already left, why do you think sending a resignation letter will change how you feel?

    If you think that sending a letter will change your thinking on how you will feel, why can't you modify your thinking so as to be at peace, with or without sending a letter?

  • dubstepped

    Write whatever let's you get your feelings out. It's about you, not them. Send it to everyone if you wish, though I personally see that as a waste of time because they won't be ready to hear it anymore than the elders that get it and they will see you as an apostate and shun you anyway. Seems like a waste of time and postage but if it makes you feel like you made a mark, go for it. Again, it's about you. None of them are likely to care. What makes you feel free.

    My letter was very respectful and kind because that's the person I wanted to be. Others may get salty. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Bebopin

    Apart of me just wants my JW mother to know I dont believe in it anymore. I know if I tell her up front she will goto elders anyway. At least if I disassociate myself it will sort of be on my terms. Since I've faded she and other JWs just look at me as spiritually weak. Constantly inviting me to meetings and such.

    I kinda just feel like I'm not being honest with how I feel by staying like this.

  • Bebopin
    Thank you Dubstepped that is good advice

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