You may PRETEND to care - in reality you are SELFISH!

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  • LongHairGal


    Good post.

    I agree with you that it is the JW religion that is selfish in the ways that you mentioned. The rank & file are so shamelessly used and abused. I was wise to that even when I was there and I got out.

    So, I guess if a person does not want to be used, abused and exploited and removes themselves from the damaging situation - and dares to talk about it - that makes them selfish.

    Talks like this are designed to guilt-trip people there into staying in the abusive religion and to make JWs even more paranoid about people in the congregation wondering who is a secret "apostate".

  • Magnum

    LongHairGal -

  • just fine
    just fine

    My sister said the same thing about one of her disfellowshipped children (when she was still speaking to me)That he was being selfish because he didn’t want to return to the JW idiocy.

    To which I replied, so it’s selfish if he does what he wants to do, but you’re not selfish for insisting that everyone live their life the way YOU see fit?!?!

    JWs are master manipulators.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I guess I am selfish.

    Fu#k em.


  • Diogenesister

    God I'm so sick of those liers.

    They are nothing more than liers. And honestly not worth our time.

    Just watched Cedars new tour of Warwick and honestly the amount of deception by Watchtower is staggering.

  • venus

    _Morpheus & Finkelstein summed it up very nicely—absolutely correct. Their care is conditional--they care as long as you care for them, which is not care/love at all (Mathew 5:44-48). Thus those who understood the truth about "the truth" would naturally care for those trapped in "truth" which is the real care.

  • Diogenesister
    Brokeback This in Jungian terms is what is called 'a projection of one's own shadow'. This is simply a projection of the Governing Body's own evil ways in which they are in denial of and projected onto a convenient enemy.

    Oh man do they ever project,!! It is a Watchtower speciality. Remember the recent piece on "avoiding ad hominems"?The cheek of them, talk about " brazen conduct"!

    Was it Hitler that said "if you tell a big enough lie everyone will believe it"?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Diogenesister I was just about to mention the same thing quoting Brokeback’s Jungian explanation. I have been reading Jung for the last three weeks so my head is full of him. Jung in Context, P Homans and On Jung, A Stevens.

    The WT delusion offers its followers a readymade ‘persona’ (the social mask) and the avoidance of considering the ‘shadow’ which means dispensing with the need to confront and analyse the bad bits of our psychological makeup.

    An individual’s total belief in the off-the-shelf JW persona which provides a complete but false view of oneself in relation to the world, prevents the necessary and very personal development needed to become a balanced, mature individual (the individuation) and find fulfilment in life and happiness through our unique experience.

    The JW org arrests this development and reduces its members to a permanent state of psychological, emotional and intellectual child-like dependency on the leadership and leaves the individual susceptible to their irresponsible instructions.

    So now with the JW doomsday plot turning sour all they can do is hurl insults at those who have chosen to depart. To call leavers selfish is rich coming from an abusive organisation!

    "Selfish" is a transparent projection of the JW Org because for all its talk of God and love and its pretence of caring, it is fundamentally a self serving, self centred cult.

  • punkofnice
    moreconfooooooozed - She was in a mood when she arrived directly from the meeting.

    Sounds like the meetings really happify™ the jobos.......................not!

  • tor1500


    I won't say that most JW's are selfish and or self centered but some are...I have been at my job for over 15 yrs. and every now & again, you hear of someone going through something, if not most of us...I find JW's to needy, not all but some...they need money, help with this or that, always woe is me, I got to pay rent, I have to work, I have to buy gas for my car, I have a headache, toothache, etc...all the things the rest of mankind has but JW's complain about it...

    I think the message of living forever appeals to those who WANT TO LIVE FOREVER...& until the end comes, let nothing happen to me...if it does it's because I'm a witness & being persecuted with...EVERYDAY LIFE...

    Maybe some of them don't know what love is, not genuine love...if your parents only love you because you are a witness or will be, what type of upbringing is that ?

    Many pretend to care but just can''s not a part of their personality....that's why so many reminders...for some witnesses it's an effort to Love, it's not easy for them..many that come up in a loving shows...Every week, every piece of literature is a reminder love your brothers and sisters...

    I have read so many post on this site and many have become witnesses for many reasons..but when you sum it up, something wasn't right in the home in the first when a person comes into a hall & love bombed & at the time it seems sincere, only if you are going to be baptized and you seem to be making progress towards dedication...& they love you if you have drama in your life...but don't be well adjusted and balanced....they don't know what to do with you...if you go thru something & you tell them before they tell you...I took it to Jehovah in prayer, they back off but they don't know how to handle sane folks...only broken wings..

    If you have been shown selfish love what else can you reflect ?


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