You may PRETEND to care - in reality you are SELFISH!

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  • sparrowdown

    "Smooth talk ...flattering speech...pretend to care"

    Sounds like instructions for how to talk to someone in field service.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    This explains why my mum came over in the mood for a "discussion" on Sunday afternoon. She was in a mood when she arrived directly from the meeting.

  • waton
    punkofnice: I'm surprised they didn't ask for money in the middle of it.

    they did, subtly. Paragraph 9. Ananias & Sapphira: dont just give a little, but give all, and shut up about it. You dedicated all ( the old song: "--take my silver and my gold--" ) you are a hypocrite if you do not fulfill that melodic vow. wow!

  • stuckinarut2

    OH WOW!!

    How dare they imply that anyone who leaves is no longer capable of being a genuinely caring person!

    I have loved approaching all my former "friends" in the area when I see them at the shops or on the street. I am my usually friendly, caring and polite smiling self.

    NOW I see why they act extra reserved and withdrawn! They have been conditioned to think that this is just some sort of sly tactic I am using to try and "get to them!"

    What a deplorable and manipulative tactic by the GB!

  • Listener

    Can't they at least make up their mind? They can't be mentally diseased and smooth talking at the same time.

  • jwundubbed

    This is nothing new. 'Apostate' is the one really bad insult this religion has. Apostates are everything bad and nothing nice. They have been teaching people this all along. Just because we got out into the world and found out it is all lies, it doesn't change what they have been and continue to teach the people who are in it.

    Quite frankly, I am shocked at anyone who is surprised by this. This is how they operate and always have.

  • Magnum

    "They may pretend to care about others, but in reality, they are selfish."


    FIRST; They have no idea to what extent we care about others and whether we are selfish. Do they have psychic powers? Have they done a detailed study using statistical methods? They have no right or authority to make such a bold, sweeping statement. With a few simple words, they make everybody who sees something wrong with JWdom “selfish”.

    It doesn't matter, I guess, for example, that I labored and hurt over my searchings for real truth after years of patiently tolerating and trying to overlook problems I saw in JWdom. I might be wrong, but I was sincere and certainly not selfish. I went in the woods at night and looked at the stars and begged, sometimes for almost thirty minutes at a time for answers. I left JWdom because I had strong evidence and ample reason that I gathered in a serious, contemplative manner. I didn't just casually leave because, for example, somebody offended me or I was lazy.

    I'm actually very sad to have lost my hope and am deeply concerned about world problems, primarily suffering among humans and animals. I sacrifice greatly (time, money, effort, comfort) to try to alleviate as much as I can. (I still have some kind of hope that there is some big answer that I haven't found yet.)

    I care about my relatives who are JWs. I care about a few of my old JW friends. (Not really all, though, because it now seems to me that a lot of them deserve to be JWs.)

    SECOND: That is a good example of the logical fallacy argumentum ad hominem. Just saying something negative about the person or group on the other side of the issue is not fallacy; it's doing that and not addressing the issue. The fallacy is saying something negative about the other party as if that settles the issue and not even addressing the issue.

    So, the org says we're selfish? Well, what about the issues we bring up? Where are they addressed? I contend that that the Creation book and the Trinity brochure are deceptive. Instead of just calling me selfish, please address that issue.

    I contend that the JW organization is selfish because it deceptively uses JWs to make money for it like, for example, with the disaster relief program. Let's please address that. (Note that my calling the org selfish is not argumentum ad hominem because I have mentioned specific reasons for doing so and would love to discuss those reasons with JWs/JWdom.)

    The org is so weak. It is so scared of us. It is so childish and feeble in its attempts to defend itself. Imagine this: JWdom goes into court against us. The judge asks what the issue is. JW reps say "they are selfish." The judge then says "O.......K........, so, like, why do you say that? What evidence do you have? What's the issue?" JW reps: "They're just selfish; they only pretend to care about others." They would get thrown out the door.

    Rant over. That just really got to me.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    This really strikes a nerve with me. I have ALWAYS had the same level of integrity and love for my fellow man both before I learned the real truth and AFTER I left the organization.

    Here's what's despicable to me:

    While in the organization, I would go out of my way to take care of other sisters and be kind and generous with them. And it was a pleasure. These acts of kindness and compassion were chalked up to "Jehovah's blessings" for these sisters. When these sisters were down and out and I'd do something to cheer them up, they'd use this as evidence that Jehovah cares for them and is using ones in the congregation to upbuild them.

    After I became an "apostate" (ie, woke up), all my tireless efforts to just be a good friend have been branded as "flattery and smooth talk" and a sinister ploy to lead these sisters astray.

    Same person. Same heart. Same love. One minute I'm fulfilling the unity and love narrative of WT, the next, I'm an "agent of Satan" - a wicked and malevolent conduit of the demons. It's disgusting how much a good-hearted person can be vilified and demonized based on the dividing agenda of a cult leadership in New York.

  • waton

    selfish? # 10, apostates are selfish because they did not wait, like the apostles, plugging ahead without understanding.

  • faithnomore

    They have to say this because we genuinely care about our loved ones still in and they know it.

    The actual truth of loving a family member gets twisted to fit their horrid narrative!

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