One Thing I Don't Get About Brexit

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  • tornapart

    Brits felt they were being micromanged by the EU in the same way many JWs feel micromanaged by the GB. At least Brits get to vote...

  • bohm
    I agree many felt that way tornapart, but were they?
  • Simon

    People confused two issues:

    Does the EU have too much power in the hands of unelected officials, often over-reaching and frequently pissing money away.

    Will leaving the EU be the best option for the UK.

    I think many voted to leave because of #1 but forgot about #2. What Britain should have been doing is demanding change while *in* the EU.

    But now we might get to 'begrudgingly' stay if they give us more concessions.

  • bohm

    Simon: i tried to look into the claims about EU waste and unelected members its really difficult to demonstrate its any worse than in the local governments, ymmw

  • John Free
    John Free

    The EU commission is not democratically elected yet i believe it has the power to create regulations which are automatically legally binding on each EU member nation. In addition the commision alone determines all policy proposals- legislation.

  • bohm

    Johnfree: i am sorry, but that is not what the commision does. I am on an ipad but i recommend you read about it on the net. Briefly, the commission draft legislation which is then voted on. The commission has to be selected and confirmed democratically every 4 years. Compare to role of other appointed officials in democratic systems

  • ChrisIncredulous

    I think JW rouge begs an interesting question which boils down to "does democracy work?" Why would you offer such a foundational decision to people who can't tell a deficit from a default? (I include myself in voters mystified by economics.)

    I read a book recently that completely undermined my assumption that people are rational called Thinking, fast and slow, by psychologist Daniel Kahneman.

    He explained that human minds are computers prone to bias, machines for jumping to conclusions. We are easily persuaded by sentiment and emotional appeals, risk averse, and too easily convinced of our own expert intuition and the stupidity of others.

    Why would you leave any decisions to us?

    I felt strongly I should vote Remain, and I flatter myself it was the smarter choice, but if I can allow myself to be honest, I was fated as a remainer the day I married an EU citizen. The vote I cast was based not so much on rationality as an "approach reaction" towards the EU, rather than the "avoid reaction" other people experience when they thought of the EU. A slender majority of voters were primed by certain politicians and media outlets to feel avoidance towards the EU.

    Democracy replaces tyranny by one man with tyranny by the majority and that majority is never going to have faultless reasons for its choice. So of course you'll end up with a huge slice of disgruntled people like me. Still, it's a better form of government than all the others, right...?

  • GrreatTeacher

    The best thing about democracy is that everybody gets a vote.

    The worst thing about democracy is that everybody gets a vote.

  • jwleaks

    It comes down to the GOD effect and the unintended side-effect.

    GOD = Guardians of Democracy. Equal say for all people. The decision with the most votes wins.

    Not to be confused with the other GOD effect, Guardians of Doctrine, the prefered choice of the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses, in which no one has any say over anything but for the self-chosen holy seven.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Micheo Kuku i going to set us back from type 1 lol

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