What shocking stories did you ever hear about?

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  • Truthexplorer
    As a pre-awakened MS, I heard of 2 stories that I found very shocking at the time. Please keep in mind, I was following WT blindly at the time and was part of what I thought was the true religion. The first shocking story was when I attended a large meeting for elders and ministerial servants covering our circuit. It was about 20 years ago, and can remember a brother from bethel in UK giving a talk about conduct. He then related how a group of white brothers and a group of black brothers had a stand off at a holiday resort (I think it was centre parks). I am unsure if there had been physical aggression, but there was most definitely intense verbal aggression between the 2 groups. I was completely gobsmacked by what I heard. In fact it really shocked me to the core. The second was again about 20 years ago, when our flamboyant Circuit overseer related to us at the elders and MS meeting that TWO halls in the borders region of Scotland had completely apostisized. basically broke off with Watchtower and conducted there own meetings independently! Did you ever here of stories that shocked you before you were awakened?
  • Dagney

    A dominatrix, high priced call girl pimped by her husband in Europe.

    Pedo ring which is rumored to include murder.

    Can't make this stuff up.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I heard once about an incident at the formerly know District Convention.

    A bunch of young males aged 15-21 would get together on the afternoons of the Conventions at the Hotels. It would be discovered that the older bunch of the group would pull liquor for the younger brothers and hang out at the Parks near the Hotels or in the Hotels.

    They would proceed to come back for the last hour or so for the Convention. The parents of the younger bunch had no idea why their boys were so sleepy and didn't want to get up and sing the songs and stand for the prayer. (Probably due to their lack of experience with alcohol)

    Well, someone eventually squealed and shit hit the fan. There were a few reprovings and a couple of deletions of MSs. This matter was not too well known, kind of kept under wraps.

  • exjwlemming
    A 20 something, unbelieving son of a super-elder that couldn't deal with the pressure of conformance to the Borg.....elder and elderette laid down the law..."you live by our rules under our roof." He couldn't afford to move out on his own.....no skills, no higher education. He put a gun to his head and blew his brains out one night. How can they live with themselves? I didn't hear about it, but first hand knowledge.😥
  • truthseekeriam

    I'm from SoCal,

    So Fredrick McLean on U.S. Marshals Most Wanted ( child molestation)Gilbert Simental(child molestation)and Kelle Jarka(murdered his wife) need I say more?

  • elderINewton
    Rather than call the cops and get them to deal with a crime. Send over the elders to strong arm a confession out of a suicidal person and watch him blow his brains out after he closes the door. Thanks service department.
  • talesin

    One of my best friend's fathers drove himself into the lake on his snowmobile one dark night - he headed directly for the weak spot in the ice. I am convinced it was because he was involved in ...

    Pedo ring which is rumored to include murder.
  • wallsofjericho

    I heard stories about murder and wife swapping.

    2nd hand from a credible source

    Also about a PO that basically practiced witchcraft but called it something else

    The older I get nothing surprises me

    I've seen all kinds of crap 1st hand. All kinds of affairs, drug use by elders & MS (and I mean serious drugs not pills or weed), extreme alcoholism, strip joints prostitutes you name it

    It's a spiritual paradise

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I remember one Hotel took their name of the WBTS list for the conventions.

    It was because people would steel their towels. It didn't go unnoticed by the Hotel and management that these occurrences would spike during the days around the convention days.

    Then of course no one knew anything about it. Of course NOT!!

    That particular hotel and its chains pulled their name of the WBTS list for the conventions for that particular area.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    Missionary kills 2 other missionaries in the Samoan missionary home.

    Here's a link to a related court record: http://www.asbar.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2351:american-samoa-govt-v-adams&catid=78&Itemid=229

    Missionary homes were toxic environments, that's why they've almost completely abandoned that arrangement.

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