What shocking stories did you ever hear about?

by Truthexplorer 18 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Divergent
    An opposing husband in Hong Kong / Taiwan (can't remember which) torched a Kingdom Hall during a meeting, killing around 20 JW's. This happened in the early 90's
  • TheOldHippie
    South Korea.
  • Divergent
    Thanks, Hippie. I couldn't find any links to any news articles on this. Do you happen to know of any?
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    An elderly sister (black) told me she and other black JW's were segregated from

    the White brother and sisters in the KH. She told me this in the 70's...

  • Vidiot
    The one I'd heard when I was still in was about an (unnamed) handful of JW young people who figured that anal and/or oral sex "wasn't really" fornication, and therefore a loophole around the prohibition. :smirk:
  • redpilltwice

    Assumed pedo ring of six JW's including some elders. First hand knowledge because I was in the J.C.! Thank god it turned out not to be true, but boy oh boy, did it touche a nerve!

  • freddo

    Michael Porter - Zealous Pioneer and Min. Servant then London Bethelite and Service Overseer in London, Mill Hill congregation - also notorious JW paedophile - in the UK.

    Knew him. Knew most of his victims.

  • Khaleesi
    At one convention many years ago, since it was held in a well known city arena where a huge gay parade is celebrated, in socal...anyway during the 3 day convention some young "brothers" went to another part of the arena, i believe it was around the performing arts center, it's all connected... they destroyed a stage for one of the gay parades event...the convention coordinator committe had to repair it & rebuild it.... it was insane parents didn't care where their kids were & an announcement was made to parents, I'm talking 15-17 yrs .... WT almost lost the whole venue to host them
  • possum
    A elders wife made only an australian indigenous family sit on plastic covered furniture at a get together at her home. The indigenous couple where a government worker and a nurse actually much better qualified than the elder who was a house painter! Disgusting.

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