The "N" word in Watchtower Literature

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    I am translating the article on jwfacts on black skin and racism, and so I set out to find more racist quotes in Watchtower literature. What I never expected to find is that they actually used the "n" word in Watchtower literature, up to 1994!

    To be fair, they use the word mainly in the context of someone else saying that word, insulting black JW´s or black people, but still... if someone insulted someone else using the word "fucker" or "cunt", I doubt they would actually put the word in print, so why put it for the "n" word??

    Here are the post 1950 quotes where it is used:

    *** g94 7/22 p. 20 Addie Found the Answer Late but Not Too Late ***

    “I’d asked Papa why he didn’t refuse this stuff, and he’d reply: ‘That would be a big mistake, an insult. Besides, the KKK [Ku Klux Klan] don’t mess with none of Mr. Neely’s niggers.’ So we paid for all this stuff we didn’t need. And I thought of what Papa was always saying: ‘Don’t buy what you don’t need, or soon you’ll need what you can’t buy.’ I hated Mr. Neely!

    *** g90 3/22 p. 21 I Tried to Change the World ***

    There I experienced racism. Not that I hadn’t been victimized before by discrimination in its many guises, especially those ever-present reminders of my “inferior status,” the signs by water fountains and rest rooms saying “White Only” and “Colored Only” and the racial slurs scrawled on buildings, such as “No niggers allowed.”

    *** g82 7/22 p. 25 “From a Lion to a Lamb” ***Still I wrestled with a 270-pound policeman who finally flung me facedown into a puddle of muddy swamp water, sat on my back and taunted: “Nigger, you’re going to die!”
    *** g77 10/8 p. 3 Races Are Strikingly Different ***Consider the Spencers, a black family who moved into a nice section of New York city. It was the eve of 1975. A pipe bomb came flying into their house, with the note attached: NIGGER, BE WARNED. “It was intended to wipe out the family,” the police captain who investigated said.
    *** g77 10/8 p. 26 They Found the Solution to the Problem of Race ***My father told me that as a boy he wouldn’t dare look a white person in the eye while talking to him. He said that his head must be bowed a little and he would have to answer with a “yessa” or “nossa” for fear of reprisal. He even told me about his going into town and having a white shoot at his feet, and yelling, “Hey nigger, dance!”
    *** w74 12/1 p. 708 Racial Injustice—Will We Ever Be Relieved of It? ***In those days in the South, public places, such as bus stations, were sectioned off, and we had to sit in the back of the bus. When it appeared that we had forgotten our place, there were the belittling drawls: “Now, you-all know no niggers belong here. Now git on to the back.”

  • Cimarrona

    Woooooow!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • steve2

    This seems a bit like an unjustified “beat- up” on JW literature. In none of the instances you cite, is the organization itself using the word as a putdown of or approved word for African-Americans ( or Black Americans, as many prefer to be called).

    We can all look back on older writings on now-banned words and find blithe instances of those words bring freely used. But to try to make a case against the publications or cast negativity on them?

    Thee are so many valid issues in which we can nail JW organization. The use of the “n” word isn’t one of them, in my view.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    I disagree Steve.

    Let´s say there was an instance where three people were said the following:

    "You´re a fucking idiot!"

    "You´re a cunt"!

    "You´re a nigger"!

    Which would be totally and completely unacceptable to report on any Watchtower publications?

    The following words never appear in any known Watchtower literature:

    "fuck", "fucker", "cunt", "asshole", "motherfucker", "shit", "cocksucker"...

    But "nigger"... appears dozens of times, up to 1994, way past the point where that word was completely and totally unacceptable to print on a newspaper or utter on a television network.

    This is not beating down on WT unnecessarily, it´s a word I would never ever expect to be found on WT literature.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    In fact, there is a place on WT literature, I will have to find it now, where a black person was called a "fucking nigger".

    Guess how the WT literature reported on it?

    " ________ nigger".

    It shows extreme racism to even allow the word to be printed in WT literature, imho.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    See, apparently here the word "fucking" was too strong to be used in the Consolation of February 4, 1942, but "niggers" was totally fine.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I was once removed as a regular pioneer when the body of elders got a hold of an article I wrote for a regional magazine contained mild toilet humor. The offensive word in my article? "Toilet". The elders cited Ephesians 5:3 to implicate me, stating that "these things should not even be mentioned among you." Petty and extreme to the max.

  • ElderEtta

    Great find, Ilovettatt2

  • cofty
    It shows extreme racism to even allow the word to be printed in WT literature, imho - ILTTATT

    And yet you have used it multiple times in this thread.

    What's the difference?

  • freddo

    No. This is is in context of the times in which things occurred.

    The "N" word which is totally unacceptable now WAS acceptable - certainly through to the 1970's in the UK.

    Britain even had a paint manufacturer who then described a dark brown paint as "nigger-brown". I had a part time job in a hardware store and as a teenager remember being mildly surprised at this.

    If you google the phrase you will see examples even now - where foreign translators use old British dictionaries and the product slips through unnoticed - such as the label under a sofa printed in China.

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