J.W.`s and Paradise and the Reality of it.

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  • TD

    The following illustration is attributed to the famous economist Milton Friedman:

    Pencils are among the simplest of manufactured objects, but could you make them yourself?

    You'd have to have your own forest, cut down the trees, transport them to a mill which makes the trees into pencil shapes.

    Then you'd have to mine graphite to get the pencil lead, have a factory to sinter it with clay into a composite and yet another process to insert the lead into the pencil.

    Then you'd have to have a rubber tree farm, and a factory that processes the latex, ovens to vulcanize it into usable rubber, then a machine to stamp the rubber into little erasers.

    Then, you'd need a copper mine, plus a factory to smelt the copper, machinery to roll it into sheets, then another machine to shear the sheets into those little metal sleeves to hold the eraser in place.

    Then, you'd need a paint factory to create the yellow paint to coat the wood of the pencil, plus a rig to spray the wood. Then you'd need another machine to crimp the copper band to the pencil and eraser.

    And yet, a pencil costs 10 cents.

    --The only difference between Witnesses talking about Paradise and Marxist college students talking about Paradise is about three hits on a bong.
  • Vidiot
    TD - "..The only difference between Witnesses talking about Paradise and Marxist college students talking about Paradise is about three hits on a bong."

  • Vidiot

    Trying to work out the logistics of how the WTS's New System would function can be a fun way to wake up the more intellectually-inclined JWs (assuming there are any actually left), but something else that might resonate even more also bears repeating, IMO, so I'll post it again...

    ...WT reps have clearly stated that the Org intends to be around to administer govern the New System after Armageddon, with the Warwick compound serving as the de facto world capital.

    Now, imagine the WTS being given control of a small country tomorrow.

    I guarantee you that within ten years, democracy would be nonexistent, advances in science and medicine would grind to a halt, divorce would be illegal under virtually all circumstances, creationism would be mandated in schools, any kind of alternative sexual expression would be outlawed, all outside forms of entertainment would be banned, disfellowshipped individuals would be imprisoned or deported, and "apostates" would be sentenced to death without possibility of appeal or reprieve.

    (BTW, anyone who denies this is either naive or lying.)

    Now, imagine a regime like that encompassing the entire planet.


  • Vidiot

    BTW, that's a also good one to remember if you ever catch yourself wondering "...but what if they're right?"

  • Vanderhoven7

    And who is going to organize the work crews to bury the bones of 7 or 8 billion people after the birds take care of the fleshy parts?

  • TD


    Stephen King's The Stand (If you have the stomach for that sort of stuff) is far closer to what an apokalypse on the scale the JW's teach would actually be like.

    It's not pretty.....

  • EverApostate

    I was once told by an elder that Armageddon Survivors won’t miss their dead (non JW) friends and relatives in the new world because Jah would wipe their minds off their memories.

    Feel like throwing up when I think of this now.

  • Finkelstein

    The reality of the JWS Paradise and what they are anticipating and waiting for is that there is no reality because they haven't accepted that the expressed prophecies written in the book of Revelation is fictional mythology and should not be accepted in any other way.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes Vidiot, I agree with you, the Watchtower cult can only organise the brain dead. One of the final liberating blows to my JW experience, like a giant warning bell sounding in my head-- was the realisation that the GB intended to micromanage my choices, thoughts and actions forever.

    I'll tell you what paradise is: living a life free from the demands of the JW organisation............

  • Vidiot

    @ Half banana...

    Looking back at my (in retrospect, many) little wake-up moments, three really stand out...

    a) ...realizing evolution had to be true...

    b) ...realizing the WTS could never budge on it for ideological reasons, and...

    c) ...realizing that they intended to rule the planet forever after the Big A.

    The first was shocking in its own way, the second was dismaying.

    The third made me feel sick to my stomach.

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