This is what Real Charity Work is all About

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  • rebelfighter

    I love this organization. I have been involved with the Shriner's since I was a child best group of men you could ever meet in your life. I belong to their counterpart The Ladies of the Oriental Shrine. A child who goes to one of their hospitals the parents will never see a bill and will never be asked any questions regarding religious affiliation.

    Shriner's Hospital in Canada

    The Exceptional Care for Exceptional Kids Campaign raised an extraordinary $130,650,327 exceeding the goal of $130 million. The funds supported the construction of the new Shriners Hospital for Children® – Canada, which opened on October 5, 2015, and the Francis Glorieux Chair in Pediatric Musculoskeletal Research.
    Thank you to the over 6000 donors who supported the campaign. Because of you, children will bone disorders will receive care in an ultra-modern hospital.
    “With our children and their families in mind, we created a warm and welcoming hospital,” says Imperial Potentate Jerry G. Gantt. “The building itself is beautiful, each floor designed to reflect a different region of Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Great North; each floor is designed to be a place of healing, a haven for the children and families who turn to us for care. But it is much more than a building. It is a place where researchers work side by side with clinicians to find the cause of bone disorders and endeavor to find better treatments and new cures. It is a place where we will offer new state-of-the-art services such as movement analysis and pediatric simulation training. A place where we will focus on improving the lives of the children we treat, the care they receive and the training we provide to up-and-coming healthcare professionals.”

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    plus you get those dope hats and small cars.
  • Diogenesister

    Show me! Show me the teeny cars!

    My son is under Great Ormond street for a disfiguring and dangerous skull condition - our surgeons made him a new forehead and top skull and stopped pressure on the brain and cruel bullying. This Dr is amazing he travels the world with a musculo- skeletal Charity operating on disfigured children who hide at home because the superstitious villagers think its caused by demons......and yet 2 miles down the road in 21st century London, a small boy in my local Cong of JW's needs but will never have that operation. Because his parents believe a 3,000 yr old superstion that a vindictive desert God will kill their son for eternity should they allow the operation, and the transfusion he will surely need with it.

    Edited to say...yes JW snoops look at REBELFIGHTER'S and my post and tell us  these kids should wait on Jehovah!

  • Heaven
  • rebelfighter
    Barrold Bonds,

    Yes, you get those "dope" hats at a PRICE. See when I say charity I mean charity. We pay to belong to these organizations. We pay an annual dues, We buy our Fez (hat) starting price $400 without the jewels, if you are lucky someone might be selling a used one for $200. And those cars and trucks the men have to buy them they do not belong to the organization. We normally hold some type of fund raisers each month and we contribute to the fund raiser, we attend dinners and formal dances and we pay to attend, we buy the gowns and tuxes to attend none of this is cheap. Then we donate money. We are just a dedicated bunch for of folks who LOVE kids. Everybody's kids.

    While the men's group raise the money for the hospital. The ladies raise the money for the family needs.
    One of the big joys is going to the hospitals and staying with families while their children are in the hospital making sure they have everything they need. We recognize these are stressful times for the parents and they need to focus on their child not on finances. We see that if they are away from home they have hotel accommodations and meals paid for by us. We also provide transportation if the facility is a distance from their home. We have annual drives for toys for the hospitals.
  • rebelfighter

    That is wonderful, how much the medical community can do today. It is totally amazing.
  • WingCommander

    I've often asked:

    If JW's are following in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, and supposedly tending the flock, then how exactly does the "Faithful & Discreet", you know, God's SOLE shepherd on earth today, tend to the flock?


    Where are the: Hospitals, orphanages, soup kitchens, retirement homes, schools, shelters, and other charitable works that would be the mark of love of Jesus disciples?


    No where to be found in JW-Land. Some "religion", huh? Followers of Jesus, my ass!!

  • rebelfighter


    I asked the "Elder" many a times what charity work does the JW perform especially when he went on one of his the way I read the Bible the Masonic organizations are Babylonian blah blah rants. I heard that rant so many times, I made a point to join another one while we were dating.

  • stillin

    The Witnesses provide invisible help to people. The best invisible help in the whole, wide world. So there!

    Anyhow, great bunch of people, the Shriners. I always empty my pockets when they're working traffic in Myrtle Beach.

    "A man never stands so tall as when he bends down to help a child."

  • rebelfighter
    Thank you Stillin, we appreciate the help. I love Myrtle Beach.

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