This is what Real Charity Work is all About

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  • LV101

    rebel - you are so right about the Shriners! It's amazing what they do for children and I wish they had more of the children's hospitals. My husband was flown to northern calif couple yrs. ago to visit their children's hospital and he couldn't believe how much this group provides and does. We don't have one of their hospitals where we live but quarterly several doctors (specialists, some renown) fly in to treat the children here.

    They know how to raise money -- unbelievable golf tournaments/concerts and who knows what else and do so much to help the children. They have so many businessmen around the country who are more than thrilled to donate time/$$ for their cause.

  • rebelfighter


    Yes we do work very hard raising money some of the other fund raiser we do in our area are New Year's Eve Balls, sell Christmas trees, BBQ, concerts and many dances. For visibility we participate in a lot of parades.

    The last time I checked there are 23 hospitals.


    I agree that the Shriners do great work and have REAL fruits from their efforts. Keep up the good work! Love em in the parades too!

    Wing Commander posted a Question:

    Where are the: Hospitals, orphanages, soup kitchens, retirement homes, schools, shelters, and other charitable works that would be the mark of love of Jesus disciples?


    No where to be found in JW-Land. Some "religion", huh? Followers of Jesus, my ass!!

    Anyone know who gave the world hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes, the college system, shelters and who educates more children and gives to more needy than anyone [government or organization]? Bueller, Bueller?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    My wife benefited from Shriners in St. Louis 40+ years ago. I am a medical courier and picked up specimens at their old facility until recently. It was nice enough but outdated. Shriners built a new hospital in St. Louis and what little I have seen, it is beautiful. Truly a great organization and a REAL charity.

    Snakes (Rich)

  • LV101

    rebel - awesome you're a Shriner and I wasn't aware they had 23 hospitals. Unreal -- and I know how hard you work but how rewarding! I had no idea they did so many fund raisers -- can't imagine what it costs to run all their hospitals!

  • smiddy

    I am an Australian , Shriners ? , I`ve never heard of them ,but from what I read here they put the religion of Jehovah`s Witnesses who call themselves a charity to shame ....shame ,on them .

    Rebel , I would be proud to be associated with an organization like that.Kudos to you.

    The reality is organizations like this need money to finance their operations and for so many truly charitable organizations to raise money for their cause takes a bit of ingenuity to compete .

    However the proof is in the pudding as to what they achieve for the community.

    edit to add : I just googled  Shriners and found their is a chapter here in Victoria since 2009 


  • talesin

    The Shriner's Hospital in Montreal helps children from all across the country, and we are lucky to have it. I think the old guys in the parades, with their beautiful fez hats, are charming.

    Groups like this were new to me when I left the b'Org, but I was privileged to work with an old chemist, who was a Rotarian, and he taught me a deep appreciation of community-minded organizations. The Shriners, Rotarians, Lion's Club, St. Vincent de Paul, and other groups do a lot of good deeds in the community. They pay for research and equipment that is so needed, but so overpriced (as are all things medical) that many hospitals can't afford them. They provide scholarships, and give individuals money for things like MRI when they are in crisis, run food banks and shelters; it was really amazing to me when I learned this truth.

    Call it charity work, or good deeds is the term I like. It's all good. : D

    Although, of course as a Canadian, I am disgusted that the government squanders our health care $$$ - if not for the Shriner's, we would not have this amazing care centre for children. (EDIT: I had been reading up on orthopedic centres in Canada for personal reasons, and that's why I learned about this - wish it was for 50+ women, ha) 

    Good for you, rebelfighter. Volunteering brings a special feeling, I love it, too. Keep up the good work, and enjoy! xx tal

  • smiddy


    As they say , a picture , speak a thousand words. More pictures speaks more thousands of words or they should.

    It is simple really

    , but not for the gullible


    the indoctrinated


  • rebelfighter


    Yes their facilities are all about making the kids comfortable and happy. Take the time one day and walk through the hospital.

    LV101 and Smiddy,

    Actually I am not a Shriner, LOL I have the wrong plumbing, I am a Ladies of the Oriental Shrine (LOS) but we work just as hard as the men. They build the facilities etc. We have our funny hats (Fez) too. We raise money so that the family of the children have travel money (hotels, meals etc). The ladies (LOS) will spend time with Mom, dad and siblings while the children are being cared for so Mom and Dad can focus on their sick child anything to make the experience less painful.

    I am extremely pleased with all the work we do through the Shriner's, Ladies of the Oriental Shrine and all of the other Masonic Organizations.

    In order to be a Shriner you first need to be a Mason. Then you apply to become a Shriner.

    In my case I had to have a Mason in my family which was my Uncle. I was associated with the Shriner organization since I was a little child. My uncle allowed us to play with his car. The first organization that I actually joined was Job's Daughters which at that time was 12 now the girls can join at 10. Their philanthropic charity is Hearing Impaired Kid's Endowment which raising money for children from birth to the age of 20. Anyone can apply for this money for their child, with application from their doctor, no race, religious questions asked just need basis. These young ladies are taught how to run meetings, fund raisers, social events, fun activities and the adults are there for advise only. I am still involved with this organization as an Certified Adult Volunteer.

    There are two other youth groups they are Rainbows which is open to girls I believe they start also at the age of 10. DeMolay is for boys. Each of these groups have their own philanthropic charities.

    Besides the Shriner's there are many other Masonic groups and each of these have some great philanthropic endeavors. A lot of them center around children.

    Women have many groups to belong but each has a very important role. Charities include diabetes, homeless/abuse shelters, and the list goes on.


    Yes, all of these groups have a very vital role in the community and serve the community very well. I would highly recommend anyone exiting the Witnesses to get involved in anyone of these organizations. It would give them true charity work plus new true/real friendships. These are all real tax exempt organization.


    a picture speaks a thousand words, how true a statement.

  • LV101

    rebel - My cousin had polio/crippled as a young child and the Shriners paid for at least 3 surgeries -- this was in California back around 1952.

    Like Talesin - wish they had hospitals for adults or at least the elderly! The way the insurance is going it's going to take a responsible, dedicated, charity like the Shriners to help. No matter how much individuals are paying their coverage is getting really scary from what I've witnessed.

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