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    Healthcare in the US really needs some serious work unless you can afford one of the better policies but still the deductibles can be killers. I have always had great insurance but managed 5 times to hit what is classified as catastrophic losses according to the insurance company where my out of pocket expenses reached $5,000 for the year. I just wonder how the average family can afford such an expense.

    The elderly is another ballgame and I am in that one with my mother. I attempted to care for her. Well that just did not work out. Long story short, the County Sheriff and Social Services had a long talk with me and said for my safety she needed to be placed in a locked down unit at a nursing facility NOW. Apparently they had my house on watch status for my safety LOL. Well we had to pay $6,000 a month for 4 years till we drained her bank account down to $2,000 before Medicare would start paying one red cent. All this time they could play with drugs to keep her from beating the crap out of people. See when I took her to the doctor or ER most of the time she was such a sweet old lady except the time she knocked out the EMT driver and the time she came after me in front of the Sheriff with a butcher knife. Such a nice old lady. BTW, she is still alive and still trying to beat up the other patients and staff at 89. And she has managed to escape 4 times this past year thus why she has an ankle monitor. She can only make it to the parking lot.

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    rebel -- We must be related via our egg donors! I'm sorry, but you've made me die laughing here and it's not funny! I had to place mine in assisted - the psychiatrist demanded (I'd placed her in a psychi-geratric facility at this time) and the hospital transported her directly to the place! Her husband was in rehab and she was off the rails. Her 101 yr. old, sweet, dear, husband had broke 2 hips last yr. -- what a yr! She would have never allowed us to move her into an assisted facility (we'd tried for yrs.) and after the shrink's assistant observed how she was treating me made me leave the assisted place worrying about my safety! He told me he didn't think the assisted was the right facility - she's meaner than a snake and is now deaf and has dementia/alzheimers and still a piece of work! I know what you mean about the funds -- they are going broke paying for 2! He's on hospice care but it only lowered their monthly a few dollars because it doesn't do much and he won't take the meds any more so it basically just helps shower him in the AM but the poor caregivers at assisted are still doing everything else for the most part.

    I thought for sure the shrink would med her so she'd sit in the corner like a shot dog but oh, no - it was our plan to keep them in their home and hire the services -- I'm still expending time even though she's in assisted dropping off food, taking her to doc visits - WTH! Alternative is to give up her health ins. policy and place her on hospice but she needs a pace maker now and good thing she still has her health ins. If any of the old ladies try to talk to her husband she goes off! She's 90 and he's 101 in June. She will fight anyone (verbally) who mentions her husband's age -- she thinks he's 90 and she's 80 and says she's the only one taking care of him. She's bat crazy but always has been evil - destroyed the family and my sister's relationship with me - she (the egg donor) will have no other gods before her! I know there's no med for evil but I'm glad the follow up RN's/assistants witnessed the true person. She really should have stayed in the psychia-geriatric unit forever as far as we're concerned and oddly enough her insurance covered all of it. The shrink slipped and told me she tried to tear up her room one night at the psychi-geriatric facility.

    From what I gather -- these assisted facilities must do very well when hospice signs up a resident - they're very solicitis and hound family members about this.

    I know a couple of people my age - still working paying thru the nose for their own health ins. (a construction worker and an Admin Assistant -- employers dropped ins. - can you imagine!) and he needs his crohn's disease treatments/meds and it hasn't been approved in literally mos. Talk about throwing the aged ones under the bus! Just plain wrong! It's scary.

    If you lived here we could commiserate about all this in a 12-step group - LOL!

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