Daddy long legs..a cruel and unusual punishment

by Brummie 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brummie

    Huh I just looked for a picture of daddy long legs and found the poision thngy to be a myth....durrr

  • Xena

    nasty looking bugs brummie...thanks for the education

    We have scorpions here...I was stung once getting out of the bath, it was on my to this day I inspect my towels before I wrap them around me. My sister had one crawl up her pant leg once and sting her...good thing we were home cause those pants FLEW off her!!!

  • Brummie

    XENA! You get those in the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh me gaaaawwd. I'll stick with the earwigs.

  • Scully

    (note to self: do NOT move anywhere near where Xena lives.... there be scorpions there!)

    Love, Scully

  • ScoobySnax

    Xena.....Spiders, snakes, lizards et al I can deal with. But Scorpions, oooh yuk, I've hated them since I was about 5 and a kid at school brought one in in a tank, I hate them....I'll be checking my towells tonight and shaking my quilt before I get under it after your pic.....yuk

  • Brummie

    rofl@ Scully!

    Just out of interest Xena do you squidge those things? How? Or do you collect them and sell them to little kids who like to do experiments? We dont get them in England apart from in various shops that import em.


  • Xena

    Good Lord Brummie you are wanting me to catch and ship one of those things to you aren't you??? lol I squash them with whatever is handy at the time! So sorry no go...actually haven't seen in awhile. Used to be kinda freaky though to be cleaning under the bed and find a dead one...and wonder if it was ever in bed with you...

    Hey Scully don't you at least want to come and visit???

  • Brummie
    Good Lord Brummie you are wanting me to catch and ship one of those things to you aren't you???

    LMAO, you read between the lines en it.

    Actually my sadistic experimental days are over, they have been for at least a month.


  • jgnat

    Brummie, you bring back a tragic memory from childhood. I loved all kinds of creatures, big and small. One year I got a bug-catcher as a gift. All I caught was one daddy long-legs. I put in a slice of banana so he would not starve to death. He took an experimental nip, then kept coming back for more. I started to get worried when he began staggering unsteadily on those big wobbly legs. But he kept coming back to that darn banana. Drunk himself to death.

    Drunk daddy long legs sure walk funny.

    My son hated mosquitoes. He would catch them live and toss them in the microwave. He told me they moved REAL FAST just before they died.

  • SheilaM

    The only thing I ever tortured were fire ants my cousin Billy Joe would have me get kindling and we'd pile it in the hole and light it. Can you say popcorn?

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