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  • stillin

    Funny that you would mention that. I "liked " a good post earlier today and I kept clicking like 25 times, just to see if I could.


    It only kept one of them. You'll make an honest man out of me yet, Simon.

  • Simon

    I'm going to start charging $0.01c per like. Packs of 100 available in the like-store now.

    One day I'll be rolling ... in pennies.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    That was me 😓

    I did that earlier today on a random post when I noticed that my like registered twice. So . . .

    I just kept going, I couldn't help myself 😭

    But seriously, no harm intended. Simple curiosity. I refreshed the page when I was done, (after over 200 likes), and it was back to where it was, so that was it.


  • Simon

    It's always funny when I post something like this - everyone (well, a few at least) assumes I meant them. It's often not the case ;)

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Hahahaha I was like wtf? one day when I figured out that you could keep pressing the upvote or the downvote. I think for one I upvoted like 25 times... to see what would happen. Then I hit refresh and I was like... darn...

    You probably got one of those "server logs" from me. LOL

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Yes, this is true. I accidentally clicked onto like six times on one of Simon's posts and it registered initially as six, then reverted back to one.

    It certainly deserved six likes.

  • Landy

    I tend to give a like if a post has been particularly informative or if I've learned something from it, or it's funny.

    I don't generally bother with dislike.

  • JWdaughter

    Mine used to appear to register more than one. I noticed lately I am alloed one and if my cursor gets near it, there is a big red circle with a slash across it (ghostbusters style), so I am reminded that I already voted. That did not used to be the case. I'm glad it is now working that way on mine, anyway!

  • Thisismein1972

    I did it last night to one of your posts Slimboyfat. Then I refreshed the page to see if it had registered as 380 up votes lol.

    I found it amusing, however there are others who in their totalitarian way, do not think it is Funny! It's rather amusing to see a negative reaction to something so trivial!

    Hey Simon I actually up voted and didn't down vote, is this also bad in your mind?

    Instead of berating others why don't you fix this issue?. I would actually say, this is down to a glitch on your website that YOU manage. Before posting messages such as this, always remember to fix your own issues with your website that you manage.

  • Landy

    I did it last night to one of your posts Slimboyfat. Then I refreshed the page to see if it had registered as 380 up votes lol.

    I suspect your right wrist gets enough exercise without you having to resort to that.

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