Are You Confident With Covid Vaccines and What Officials Say Is The Right Thing To Do?

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  • MeanMrMustard

    @TD and @FFGhost:

    Just make sure you don’t conflate opposition to FORCED vaccinations, whether that comes in the form of a law or “passports” required to live a normal life, with opposition to vaccinations in general.

    To be clear, I have received my first Pfizer shot, and I am due to get the second in about two weeks. I would have preferred to wait, but other things have come up, and after weighing the factors in my life, I made the decision.

    But the point is - it was MINE to make. There should be no reason for the continued shenanigans. The lockdowns and the mask mandates are just ways of holding on to the power the politicians have been able to grab recently. They are trying really hard to justify holding on to it because, well... that’s what they like.


  • MeanMrMustard
    They are trying really hard to justify holding on to it because, well... that’s what they like.

    And to be honest, a lot of the lockdown governors are on the left and are quite anti-capitalist. I believe there is a high probability that having the power to halt evil, racist capitalism is beyond appealing to them.

  • Steel

    The statement that covid is less dangerous than than the flu to people under the age Of 60is laughable. It’s not even the bending of the truth. It’s just a complete lie.

    The truth is no one under the age of five and over the age of 70 dies of the flu. Covid is putting people in the hospital and ICU in there 20, 30, 40, 50, That is why it’s dangerous.

    As for the asymptotic antibody tests, they don’t provide the immunity the scientific community hoped they would. You either have to get sick or a vaccine.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The truth is no one under the age of five and over the age of 70 dies of the flu - plenty of people over the age of 70 die of the flu every year.

  • Steel


    Between 5 and 70 , the flu is hardly an issue.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Steel - well, I think the flu is an issue for elderly people.

    I caught a really bad strain of flu in summer 2013, when I was 34. I legitimately wondered at one point whether I was dying. My saliva literally burnt my tongue and mouth, and my stomach if I swallowed it. I kept having to spit saliva in the sink, then drinking iced water or cold milk. I asked my dad to drive me to hospital at 6am one morning. He refused, so I walked into A&E. I told the doctor about my saliva and he said it was the flu infection that did this. <--- this did kinda scare me, I gotta say.

    If elderly people don't bother with flu jabs, or live in a part of the world that doesn't have them, they could be in real trouble.

  • Simon
    What is 30 million divided by 500000 deaths? The ratio is pretty much consistent around the developed world. It’s actually worse in places like Mexico and Brazil.
    So what is your angle then?

    My "angle" is using accurate language and statistics.

    You say one thing and then measure another. Specifically, you talk about the Infection Fatality Rate ("Covid kills about 3 out of every 100 people that get it") but then give Case Fatality Rate figures (more like "how many people admitted to hospital with it die").

    The CFR figures were higher early on and have come down dramatically as the healthcare industry stopped killing people and "Cuomo's death rampage ran out of victims" or at least, those living longer due to milder flue seasons in previous years which amplified the early numbers.

    But the number of people who get it and die? That is no-where near 3%, it's more in the fraction of a percentage, 0.01% area.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Covid is putting people in the hospital and ICU in there 20, 30, 40, 50, That is why it’s dangerous.

    You can't ascertain the risk by the outliers. I've mentioned in previous posts, when the entire COVID scare was beginning, that I knew a young boy, locally, that died of the flu. As it turned out, he had complicating factors - some issue with his heart. I guess you could say "Ah, it was the heart condition that killed him then." OK, fine. But then you would have to apply that same logic to the deaths "with" COVID. Was it the COVID that killed the people with heart disease, or was it the heart disease that killed the people with COVID? You see, any way you slice it, the risk drops because the stats are going to show a lower risk for the majority of the population.

    **You can't judge risk by number of deaths. Nor can you judge risk by the mere fact that you can point to some 20, 30, 40, 50 year old people getting hospitalized.**

    Again, I haven't heard any source (perhaps other than CNN - that has a vested interest in the leftist agenda), that claims this virus, for healthy people under 60, is any more of a RISK than the flu. In fact, substantially less.

  • minimus

    Steel, I just did a quick google search. The flu is most deadly from 65 and over. You know not what you are talking about.🙄

  • OnTheWayOut

    THIS and THAT. LEFT and RIGHT.

    It would seem, no matter the subject, that people are now more inclined to argue against differing opinions no matter what. If you think we should take the vaccine, you argue of the stupidity of those who don't. If you think we should not take the vaccine, you argue of the naivety of those who do.

    C'mon people. Let people be independent thinkers. I have a high level of exposure at work and I am confident enough in my convictions of the evidence that a guy in his 50's should be okay taking the vaccine without long-term detrimental effects. If another guy in his 50's isn't in line with my thoughts, I hope it's because of his thinking for himself and not because they are so sure Bill Gates put a chip in the vaccine. And then I am fine with his decision.

    Same with other groups or people in other circumstances. If they decide for themselves, people should be free to make their decisions.

    Now, if you wanna argue the points- fine. But don't just chop down everybody who feels different.

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