May 15, 2017 TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS Re: Regular Pioneers

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  • Etude
    Almost all JDubs cook up the hours anyway
    I never thought about that, Hairtrigger. At least, I never thought of that in terms of everyone else. While I was doing it, I was justifying it all the way. I squeezed any seconds I had even mentioned anything about the religion to use on my report. I'd use a phone conversation in which I had spoken to someone about how I was doing (in the religion) as "preaching" time. I reported the hours off the top of my head. So, I usually would round up. As time went on, I began to think that the whole system of reporting hours was ridiculous. They didn't do that back in the first century, why now? After a while, I was only reporting the minimum, approximately 2 hours per week. That was easy to fake.


  • UnshackleTheChains

    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise the GB and it's corporation!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Why did I literally feel my stomach churning as I read this unholy spiel which screamed "dictatorial cult" and "control?" The org's manipulators really know how to reach people's hearts.

    It's no wonder that information-savvy J.W. youngsters are waking up and walking away in their droves!

  • pale.emperor

    Personally, my report slip was a work of fiction for the last 5 years. They'd give me a hard time if i reported less than 8 hours a month so i decided to just f**k it and put 10 hours a month and random mags/books/studies. They stopped bothering me then.

    Yes, a blank report slip was my canvas. My ex-wife never put in her report slip, she always forgot so i did it for her. Again, it was all fiction.

    One time the secretary text me saying he'd received two report slips from my then wife with different hours (one i'd put in her for and one she'd put in herself). I told him to record whichever was higher. I hint that we're just making it up.

  • tiki

    Blah blah blah....all a bunch of wasted time and rhetoric....sad that so many buy into it....rules and regulations...and the law of love is buried too deep to reappear.

  • tor1500

    Hi all,

    So now you have to jump through hoops and say the Lord's Prayer backwards to become a pioneer. Figures, its the baby boomers kids making up all these rules. Remember the scripture where the son becomes king and asks for advice from the older ones who knew his father how to rule. He paid them no mind. So he asked his peers, they advised him not to be like his dad, but to treat the people worse.

    You think that the org. Would become more loving. No. Just more rules and regs. It seems as time goes by the witnesses are becoming less tolerable and less loving. But to think of it how many witnesses honestly have a loving heart. Can you count them.?

    The title pioneer is only validating that person, Jehovah don't care one bit. Counting hours is only for humans to validate themselves among one another and compare. If you have a low opinion of yourself you will compare yourself to someone who you think put in a lot of hours, but don't know they cooked up them hours and so you go to the brothers and say how you feel you are not doing enough. If the brother really wanted to help, he would ask them who are you comparing yourself to? But instead they got one. A broken wing, just what they love.

    I don't even think about auxiliary pioneering, why? I have a hard enough time doing the hours that I do. Many aux. then stress out at the end of the month and say they didn't make the hours. I don't say a word, but in my mind I say you signed up for it. I have no need to have my name announced from the stage. Sister so and so will be aux. pioneering for the month of.....


  • pixel

    Hey people, don't be so negative only pointing out that there are no concessions if one wants to use this arrangement to take care of a ill family member.

    All of you haters did not read this paragraph?

    "Special consideration should also be granted to pioneers who fall short of the annual hour requirement if they serve in construction oversight, as Assembly Hall overseers, or on Hospital Liaison Committees, Patient Visitation Groups, Disaster Relief Committees, or Convention Committees. All such assignments are forms of sacred service. The spirituality, availability, and willing spirit of pioneers allow them to support Kingdom interests in a special way."

    See? IS all about priorities. To hell with sick people, let's built!!!!!!!

  • waton
    "....Patient Visitation Groups, ...." pixel

    Does wt even make visiting the sick an organized activity (without counting "service" hours)? One sure way to dehumanize, take the heart out of it.

  • FedUpJW

    Being humane and sensitive to individual needs of JW's is NOT in the WT leaders vocabulary.

    Of course not. Dubbies are all about putting everyone and everything WT related FIRST. A DF'd friends elderly single mother just had major surgery, she spent years door knocking as a reg. pio. and now two weeks after surgery has yet to have anyone from her KH come by her home, send a get well card, telephone (the secretary did call though to tell her she hadn't turned in her "service" report for April though), or anything. Nope, it's up to the DF'd friend to do everything including working full time while their mom heals and is incapacitated.

  • Hairtrigger


    I was a baptized JW for 7years although associated with them for twenty. While out on field service we'd begin at 10 break for coffee at about 11 knock on a few doors by 1200 and were done by 1. On a full day of service, begin at 10 break for coffee at 11, for lunch at 1 and fool around till 2 30 then go knock on a few not at homes till 3 30 and call it a day. This was on weekends only. I would go out on Saturdays only ; rarely Sundays too. On the cooksheet I would put down two hours for half a day and 3 for a full . At the end of the month I barely made 10hours .most times it was 8. Guess how much the elders had who worked with me? 60hrs! I shit yu not.60hrs. And just before year end I had a few elders work from 6 in the the morning till 2 the next morning. Yup witnessing in 7 11s and gas station and bus stations . They would have over 70hrs to make up by the end of the two days but it was made! All regular pioneers! Even a close friend of elder...did it on many occasions. That's how I got to know. I found this happening in 3 congregations ...yea I changed 3 in 7years....and figured this was the norm. Bullshit and bill shit .Way to kingdom kinsgship!

    I had a female elderette tell me..."Hairtrigger why do yu cheat youself. By cheating yourself you are cheating Hobogod. You should count every minute you speak about the truth even on the phone as time. Thisbitch would chalk up over 120hours a month by grabbing All the bible studies in the cong. She went out from 9 till 1 yet had 120hrs every month.Wife of an elder . This guy wouldn't give water to a dying man in a desert! Come CO visit he'd be salivating while puckering his lips, waiting in line, to kiss the holy ass.

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