54 year old Jw pedophile molests 14yr old jw girl.

by notjustyet 21 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • notjustyet

    Need someone to correct the article to let the readers know "It's not a church,.. it's a Kingdom Hall!!"

    Please share and comment on their FB page to get some info out there.


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Not shocking at all, but given what I'm seeing here:


    . . . how do you know this guy's a JW?

  • notjustyet

    I know him personally.

  • rebel8

    This was statutory rape. The thread title seems a bit off.

  • Dreamerdude

    I am glad to see the mother did the right thing to protect her child. It is sad to see this disgusting creep use the Kingdom Hall to groom his victim.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    It seems like we are hearing of these types of crimes weekly. I hope WT gets their you know what sued off.

  • Christophoros

    It's also common, to see at least one JW in the comments section of the newspaper reporting it, being more concerned about their gathering place being correctly named...

    Straining out the gnat, while gulping down the camel...

    Matthew 23:23-24

    Giving such a good witness to the reality of who the Watchtower and their followers really are


    Everything the Watchtower does, backfires...

    Teaching their followers to be so nit picky, to the point of doing it in such a disgusting way as this...

    They're doing a fantastic job in helping with the worldwide work of exposing the truth about the Watchtower Society

  • notjustyet

    Is it possible to edit the title?

  • wifibandit

    Here is another news story. No new info provided.


    I'm looking for anything that links him to the JW's.

  • OrphanCrow
    notjustyet: Need someone to correct the article to let the readers know "It's not a church,.. it's a Kingdom Hall!!"

    Nah. It doesn't need correcting. It is the JWs who need correcting. The rest of the world knows that it is a church - it is only the JWs who don't get it.

    The rest of the world does not need to be educated in JWspeak. If it was called a Kingdom Hall, it would just confuse people.

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