54 year old Jw pedophile molests 14yr old jw girl.

by notjustyet 21 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • atomant

    He meant to say bonks as opposed to boinks.

  • scratchme1010

    I am glad to see the mother did the right thing to protect her child. It is sad to see this disgusting creep use the Kingdom Hall to groom his victim.

    Are you actually sad for the KH being used for that, or for the disgusting pedophile doing what he did?

    Anyway, another one. I wonder what the don't get caught/get caught ratio is.

  • notjustyet


    What I'm saying is that the Jws always want to let it be known to the high heavens that "we don't go to a church, we attend the Kingdom Hall"

    Of course the Jws do not want the public to know that this is a jw pedophile so they are glad, this time, the article states "church"

    I was saying it would be nice to correct this fact for them as the Jws do not seem to be able to make a post correcting "church" to " Kingdom Hall"


  • blondie

    Actually I find the thread title as offensive as the pedophile molesting the person (boink only thing you can up with)


    A church is for worship. A kingdom hall is for...........???

  • midnight

    No evidence this is JW related

  • notjustyet


    It was the only thing that crossed my mind at the moment. I agree with you now that it was inappropriate as it belittles the crime against the minor.

    But I can't see a way to edit it or delete it and start over. If I had to do it over I would replace

    "boinks" with "molest"


    I stated that this is a JW known to me,.. although I live in an adjoining state, I know his story and YES he is a Jw. What more do you need?

  • blondie

    Well, maybe Simon could change it.

    As a victim of molestation, every time I sign on to JWN I can't avoid seeing this thread title. It is like slap in the face to me.

    So Simon could you change it?

  • Simon

    I agree, done. Slang / joke-type words tend to trivialize the crime.

  • waton

    calling statutory rape mere "molestation", misses the mark too . imho

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