Anyone get the feeling that the cult is really in trouble.

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  • Phizzy

    pale.emperor gives us some exciting news ! I rarely go on exJWReddit, I am not sure why (?). But young people communicate so well and so fast today via the Net on their devices, that it is so different from when I left the org. Then it was so difficult for me to hook up with similar minded people from my circle of acquaintances locally, today it would be so easy !

    If the young are waking up wholesale , we may not see many of them actually leave for a good while, but without doubt they will only be marking time until they do, and the support that does not come from them will be difficult for the Org to replace.

    Coupled with the general dropping off of meeting Attendance and FS, the demise of the Org may accelerate, I do hope so, I wish to see it down to just a few million, maybe less than 2 million, old timers and nut bags being the only ones left, before I shuffle off this Mortal Coil.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Watchtower found itself alongside of newspapers and print magazines. They are able to make a product that nobody is reading nowadays. Still, they would not care if money kept coming in. I personally believe that this giant printing corporation is not making much money on print. Further reductions in the Watchtower and Awake mags is enough evidence for me. I would bet that they are only printing enough material for the pioneer supporters of Watchtower Corporation to feel justified in continuing to support the corporation.

    Scientology finds itself with hundreds of thousands of members instead of the 4.5 million or so that they want people to believe they have. They are property rich. with such a low membership, the leader lives a richer lifestyle than the leaders of Watchtower. For over a hundred years, the GB had one goal in mind- protect and expand the corporation. But it might be possible that since GB 2.0 was filled with idiotic yes-men, they may be abandoning that effort to embrace a cult-leader lifestyle over expansion of the cult. If they shake out members that were not really contributing to their wealth, then they can sell their Kingdom Halls.

    I am confident that when the presses get old, they won't be replaced. They will have a similar print system to desktop publishers and will have computers print softbound Bibles on demand.

    All this spells a slow death for Watchtower. But I am glad that it is faster than I expected because of lawsuits and because young people have too much internet ability to discover the real truth and they leave. If the leaders would take the money that's left and run away, I would help them pack.

  • wallsofjericho

    They are just fine and aren’t going anywhere

    it’s easier to be a witness now than anytime in history, almost mainstream

    You can wish it away all you want, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Anyone Get The Feeling That The Cult Is Really In Trouble?

    It's one thing if you visit the different English speaking online chat rooms & this forum, exjw redditt & others including the ton of English exJW Youtube's quite another thing to see how much disgust there is in the Spanish JW community toward this cult.

    I recently visited Ex Testigos De Jehova Testimonios (Ex Jehovah's Witnesses Testimonials) and was blown away at the amount of traffic these Spanish exjw channels are getting. There are some ExJW Spanish Channels getting hundreds of thousands of visits and others getting millions of visits with thousands (1,000s) of comments and others with tens of thousands (10,000s) of comments.

    You don't know the amount of flack and grief WT is getting from within its ranks until you get outside your comfort zone and visit some of these foreign EXJW communities!

    So Yah...this cult is in a world of trouble...Yay!

  • mikeflood

    Definitely the Borg is in serious trouble....having no meetings at KH represents a lot less of revenue...maybe the only option is selling all the KH and just keeping the Assembly Halls...going like full internet, stopping preaching, etc.

    However, religion in general is suffering a lot the same way due to Covid.

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