Anyone get the feeling that the cult is really in trouble.

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  • mickbobcat

    So all the BS and hyperbole aside, to me it really looks like the cult is in trouble. Shrinking member, selling halls. The move to televangelism is really strange to me. I left the cult in 1995 and this is not even in the same galaxy as the cult I was in.

  • Rocketman123

    This gig (fraud) is up, its run its course, I foresee a slow and gradual decline in most modernized countries.

  • asp59

    It's strange. Risk of not dying if you get convid was something like 98%. If we living in the end and preaching work is so important. Why they start with preaching cart's before convid? Or keep on with online meetings when gathering for worship is a biblical demand. I don't think they doing this cause they want. Think they are in so much trouble they must. Risk child abuse cases if they return to kingdom halls is probably something they fear.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I am also puzzled as to why they have not begun meeting in KH again. Most or all or the churches I know of are having church as usual (midwest US). Understandably there may be some countries or localities where they might be smart to not start back yet, but it could be done here.

  • Biahi

    They are running scared, too many leaving and ones still there, PIMO. Avoiding meetings at the KH at least keeps the pedophiles at home. Stopping carts also avoids apostates and others from calling them on their BS. I went on a trip to New Orleans, saw a cart, and I approached the two smiling women, and told them about their child abuse issues. I got the “deer in headlights” look, then walked away. 😁

  • Biahi

    It’s almost time for the GB to be raptured to the Cayman Islands, or a country with no extradition to the US. Perhaps they would enjoy North Korea. Lol

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    It’s almost time for the GB to be raptured to the Cayman Islands, or a country with no extradition to the US. Perhaps they would enjoy North Korea. Lol

    Or maybe Argentina. No extradition from there I think. On the GB Update #6 by Sam Herd yesterday he said work is continuing on that project with the help of outside contractors. Not been too much about that project so let's see what happens.


  • asp59

    The topic of online meetings must be in the mind of most JWs. Headquarters probably have received tons of letters when they gonna return to KHs. Think a decision must be taken soon by the GB. They must contact congregations about plans for the future. Almost two years with this. People are growing impatient.

  • hoser

    The vibe I’m getting after watching the number 6 gibberish buddy update is that they probably only want vaccinated people at the Kingdom Hall. We’ve got some staunch anti Vaxxers in our city, a whole group of them, so this could get interesting if they wanted to open the Kingdom Halls up. Some of the provinces are mandating vaccine passports to enter public buildings so it’s probably simpler for them to stay on zoom.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    High & optimal attendance at JW congregation meetings has always been a problem for Watchtower. It's a matter that COs have always addressed when making their circuit visits. Imagine a Kingdom Hall with a seating capacity of 200. Most congregations in big cities in the U.S. average around 130 publishers. Pre-covid19 a congregation with 130 publishers would see maybe 75 (60%) in attendance...where were the other 50 (40%) or so? It is most discouraging for those in attendance when absenteeism is that high.

    Currently the percentage of those attending Zoom meeting who have their cameras off is very high as 60% in some congregations. Sixty percent with their cameras off can't be too encouraging for those who have their cameras on.

    I don't see the attendance at JW congregation meetings ever improving. Meeting attendance was bad enough pre-covid19. My guess is...a congregation pre-covid19 that was already with a high 40% absenteeism rate is likely to see that 40% shoot-up even higher.

    Now imagine a congregation, post-covid19, with 130 publishers where the absenteeism rate at an actual in-house meeting has jumped even higher...50% to 60%.

    Watchtower thought it had meeting attendance problems before covid19 hit...Oh mama what's the likelihood the it gets much worse? thinks this cult's problems ain't going away any day soon!

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