What's Is The Goal Of This Religion?

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  • LisaRose

    The religion is sort of a self licking ice cream cone, isn't it?

    I was always told that their purpose was to declare Jehovah's Kingdom and to preach throughout the earth. Yet despite the millions of hours spent in the preaching work I doubt more than a tiny fraction of people know what the kingdom is or what it is supposed to accomplish, and most people in the world have probably never even heard of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    If proclaiming God's kingdom was the goal, they failed. If their goal is to keep people in servitude and ignorant they have succeeded.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Charles Taze Russell and Rutherford were from the days when successful and highly regarded people steam rolled and barged in anyway possible, over the backs of the multitudes to build little empires for themselves. Their particular empire took on a life of it's own since their deaths and those in charge now are victims of their own cult . They've surrounded themselves with like minded people and listened to their own rhetoric. They've banked heavily on Armageddon coming before they grew old and are now desperately interested in keeping it alive so they'll have somewhere to live once they've reached extreme old age.

    There was no reason why Bethel ever needed to be staffed so heavily and there was no reason why the printing of literature ever needed to involve farms, fire trucks, barbers, tailors, apartment buildings, cabinet shops, mechanics, translation centers and all the billions of dollars worth of properties they've owned all these decades. They created their own insular society back in the day when the lowly didn't question those in authority or those who had an appearance of power. The time has come when it's painfully obvious to their followers (who dare to think it), that their donations are being spent lavishly and redundantly.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The problem is that the current boys in charge were placed there with all kinds of preexisting situations. Their goal at one time in their life was to pioneer and maybe to believe that Armageddon was imminent. When they reached the top of the cult ladder, they were told their goal was to keep the crazy cult going. They may still believe or they may have figured some things out, but either way they are going down the rabbit hole.

    When you have been handed all kinds of doctrines and are limited by what has already been written and what has been explained about the Bible, it's hard to break out of that. And further, when the crazy cult is in decline, they go into panic mode.

    They are not supposed to grab all the money or power and destroy the organization in one "generation" but they seem to be close to that at least on the money part.

  • Finkelstein

    What's Is The Goal Of This Religion?

    The Watchtower Publishing house was structured with the gain and cultivation of money by literature sales and by private donations as well as a social commonality with a group of people who were endeavored to reveal a more accurate and truer bible interpretation. a sort of free wheeling self expression of religious beliefs combined with a commercial agenda attached.

    The reality is if C T Russell didn't leave so much money with the WTS. the IBSA would have faded away, since the core doctrines created by Russell were a failing flop.

    J Rutherford grabbed a hold of the WTS with its assets and reworked Russell's old doctrines and the publishing continued until his doctrines flopped and the next leader took over and repeated more failed but commercially advantageous doctrines.

    If its for power then what are they hoping to do with that power?

    One must keep in mind when you have control over the operations of a large publishing empire and creating specific doctrines of a religoius organization like this, the top leaders self empower themselves, god had chsoen them after all, albeit subsequently delusional.

    These leaders (GB members) have control over 8 million people in their social behavior their mind, psychology and good portion of their lives..

  • Chook

    They are all in the dairy industry , milking parishioners is a skill that only religions master but cults are at the top of the game ,because they become the Gods on earth. So essentially all religions are dairies.

  • Phizzy

    Those who "pull the strings" and really control the Org only have one aim in mind, the preservation of the Org.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    The goal is to increase the Rothschild Empire's revenue.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think the goal of the WTS is to survive, nothing more or less.

    Like populations of viruses or bacteria it mutates in order to survive.

    When the internet took off in the mid 90s, the WT condemned it as worldly. It practically forbade JWs from going online. Remember that WT article with the ethernet lead that looked like a satanic serpent?

    Then at some point, WT higher-ups realised that this interwebs fad wasn't going away anytime soon. So, lo and behold, JaydubyaDotCom is born. There are online articles, and lots of JWs have tablets (not the medicinal kind that helps people when they're trapped in a cult and go ga-ga, but the electronic gadgets).

  • Finkelstein

    In the conscious realization of how many people live off the WTS including the GB themselves, the leaders of this organization and its many attached working associates, have to keep this organization operative, that also means means making up bullshit doctrines to uphold any previous made up doctrines.

    Therefore the GB members should be seen as the head bullshiters.

  • Vidiot

    @ DesirousOfChange...

    Yeah, good luck retconning Freddy's crazy-ass Cold-War eschatology into the Information Age. :smirk:

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