What's Is The Goal Of This Religion?

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  • pale.emperor

    What's Is The Goal Of This Religion?

    I mean, if it's for money they could do a lot more like other religions do: tithing, paying for prayers from the GB, selling "miracles", selling "blessed" items, selling courses.

    If its for power then what are they hoping to do with that power? They dont seem to do anything. And what the point of controlling 8 million people to just run around like headless chickens believing your new stories?

    I was thinking about this yesterday. If they really, genuinely believe they are Gods organization then surely they should own up for mistakes, have a transparent accounting, witnesses/representation allowed in judicial committees, abolish hierarchy (which they claim they dont have) *cough* elder/CO/DO/GB *cough*

    Remember all those times in the KH where they'd have a show of hands of "we suggest the following resolution: the so-and-so congregation of JW offer to donate £such-and-such per publisher"... usually it was about £10. If every witness donated £10 theres £80 million donated just like that TAX FREE. What's the point?

  • smiddy

    Simply put they have no goals.

    The GB members today have fallen into this position by sheer accident ,many of which have no formal higher education and have no idea or plan where to take the organization to its next level.

    There mantra of wait on Jehovah is slowly daunting on them that Jehovah is not going to do anything.anytime soon if at all .

    They have poorly educated people in control of what has become a multi-million dollar real Estate /Religious Empire that has lost its way , and is in danger of being taken over by Legal representatives in the near future.

    It will all be very interesting in the years ahead .

  • kairos

    I really like this topic!

    I seem to remember the 'goal' was to survive Armageddon?
    Generation after overlapping generation have come and gone since CT Russel told us that Armageddon was nigh...


    I'm seeing the GB as the kid that just got off the merry-go-round and is very dizzy.


    The Watchtower is in BIG legal trouble, so the goal is to some how stay afloat?

  • cofty

    I think it began with genuine belief. Now the organisation has a momentum and life of its own that even the GB can hardly control.

    Individually they probably worry about loyalty to the "organisation" as much as the average loyal JW does.

    They have created a monster with a history and self-importance that nobody is in control of.

  • pale.emperor

    I sincerely hope it just disintegrates over the next few decade. Unfortunately it'll likely create a few splinter groups and one will gather more followers than the others and find a scripture to use as "proof" that this little splinter is the real one and we start all over again.

    You'd think one of them would realize the situation and at least try to make something of it. Like "Jehovah wants us to all tithe £20 a month and to fix this world - fight poverty, build schools and hospitals, support AIDS sufferers, help cancer research, build parks etc etc" £20 x 8 million = £160 tax free EVERY MONTH. Do that every month and you got a great world changing machine. At least then if you didn't agree with their doctrine you couldn't fault their world changing approach.

  • John_Mann

    I'm thinking about that since I left.

    And I came to the same conclusions.

    Seems there's no point to exist at all.

    But I doubt there's no goal.

    If we (or they) don't fully understand the main goal, it doesn't mean there's none.

  • millie210

    All the above thoughts seem completely accurate.

    One additional thing that might keep them from moving in a good direction is the old "death by committee" axiom.

    I suspect there is tremendous in-house fighting for control right now.


    To me the goal is more control over more membership. That's why there's always the urgency to join now before it's too late. It's always been a membership drive in my estimation.

    just saying

  • TheWonderofYou

    "Take your time and make things last.

    Just dont run so fast"


    At at 2:00 first I heard "Make your time and make things last."

    Interpersonal goodness gets more and more in the focus.

  • sir82

    If its for power then what are they hoping to do with that power? They dont seem to do anything. And what the point of controlling 8 million people to just run around like headless chickens believing your new stories?

    You say that because you are not a narcissist.

    For people of that personality type, power is everything.

    It's a massive ego-stoke. These guys travel literally all over the world, and 10's or even 100's of thousands of people line up just to hear them talk. Hundreds or thousands line up, just to touch their hand. They receive thousands of letters from ever-so-grateful sycophants who say "thank you, thank you, thank you, you saved my life!". They decide that "JWs should not do X" and immediately 8 million stop doing X, and send them thousands of letters of appreciation telling them stopping X made their life so-o-o-o-o-o much better. People fall over themselves to give them money, jewelry, luxury vacations, you name it.

    Dictators wage wars and spend billions to have that kind of influence over millions of people. These guys got to their position by being "yes-men" for a few decades, no wars or expenditures necessary.

    Here is one of many articles detailing the addictiveness of power.

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