Is the Sell-off of Kingdom Halls Just a Cyclical Process

by RubaDub 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • zeb

    What of the Branch Offices closed down and sold off ; where does the money go?

    On this site I have read of congs being combined and people having to drive many kilometres in winter (snow) weather to a meeting where they didnt before.

    The old 'book study was closed down with some bullshit excuse that it was to save bros money for fuel. So in one breath we are thinking of you and the next we dont give a stuff.

    The old book study was closed down with no warning and the elders had no idea as to why. Later it came out so everyone could have their own 'family study' ( as if you didnt get enough already)

  • JustHuman14

    I believe WT is rapidly coming to an end. From statistics we know that just the last 10 years, they have lost over 1.2 million members! It takes 20,000 hours to convert a new JW, and the only ones that they managed to baptize is only their 10 year old children. You can see their KH halls empty, and from merging congregations and selling KH, the numbers they claim that they have, I doubt if they are real. What they will do, is to liquidate their assets, and deposit the money in Cayman Islands. They know their time is running out. It's hard times for cults!

  • OnTheWayOut
    OTWO - I think you're right on the money but I think they've skimmed money for so long they can keep the game going - I hope not.

    I believe that they are planning on making it last a long time, but it still will continue to shrink. I imagine it will last our lifetime, but will get less and less significant. And there's always the possibility that between lawsuits and various other problems, they could be gone faster.
  • JW_Rogue

    To an extent they have always built and sold KHs but this is a big push to sell off quickly. I think they see that some areas just aren't growing and it doesn't make sense to have 70 people in hall a that holds 200. This way they get an injection of cash and lower the expenses versus donations (because their are more people at each KH). Also, in the USA, the housing market has recovered and sellers can get top dollar for property.

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