Sharia Law in the US, it's coming folks.

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Sharia Law in the US, it's coming folks - I seriously doubt that Sharia law is coming to the USA anytime soon.

    But I'd like to ask the following: is there any precedent of a country that once had a Muslim minority but has now a Muslim majority, and the Muslim majority largely wishes to remain secular?

    Off the top of my head Lebanon comes to mind but I don't know the prevailing attitudes of that country.


    Still some rocky roads there, though, and still people will make disparaging remarks about an entire HUGE group of people and think they are morally superior in every way - yes indeed. Some anti-Western attitudes in the Muslim world are appalling.

  • ttdtt
    Sharia Law in the US, it's coming folks - I seriously doubt that Sharia law is coming to the USA anytime soon.

    Seriously doubt is like saying - I seriously doubt the Sun will explode in 10 minutes. :)


    You would have to have to dissolve the Constitution!!! Why is this even a topic!!!

    To see how complex and almost impossible to even add an Amendment to the Constitution - read this -

    If you really think that ISLAM will just take over the USA - you need to be on MEDS and Fast, you are a incredibly stupid and paranoid person who has never read a book, or you're the kind of person who would rather screw their gun than a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.

    Please put these type of Rants in the HUMOR section!

  • cofty

    JWd - you are comparing apples and oranges. Many Muslims have integrated successfully into the USA and the UK but that has no bearing on the challenges now being faced by some European countries. If the influence of the quran and hadith and the peer pressure of a conservative Muslim community is secondary to your love of personal freedom and liberal democracy then you will do just fine.

    That is not the situation of recent arrivals to Europe.

    The impact of Muslim immigration to Sweden is horrendous. Germany is also being forced to wake up to the consequences of Merkel's lunacy. Pretending otherwise cedes the floor to the extreme right. Treating people as racists for having concerns about mass immigration is dishonest and counterproductive.

    Muslim majority countries have very different attitudes and values from modern western democracies. You cannot absorb hundreds of thousands of people from a different culture and not expect serious social problems. Mass sexual assaults in Germany and pedophile rings in Rotherham is the tip of the iceberg.

  • freemindfade

    Muslim majority countries have very different attitudes and values from modern western democracies. You cannot absorb hundreds of thousands of people from a different culture and not expect serious social problems.

    amen to that.

    They are running from their enemies who share the same ideologies, not running from the ideologies, those are coming with.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    No religious or cultural group should be allowed to have their own legal system or exclusively police themselves. There must be one set of laws for all citizens and legal residents, and here in the US, that must be the civil laws enshrined or backed by the Constitution.

    I don't think anyone cares if those of similar backgrounds choose to live near each other and associate mostly with those they identify with. But no group, religious, cultural, or otherwise, should be allowed to establish exclusive enclaves where their own set of rules applies and where the civil authorities, including the police, fear to tread.

    I have heard of such areas in London and Paris where Islam and Sharia Law reign supreme, though their existence is officially denied. I know for a fact that there are areas in and around New York City where certain sects of Jews run their own neighborhoods and the police simply let them. Even reports of child abuse by certain of their leaders are covered up and the people are warned not to talk about such things to outsiders.

    A recent reality TV show revealed that certain Romanian gypsy bands forbid education to their daughters and marry them off to each other as young as possible. Certain outlying Mormon groups openly practice polygamy and the local governments turn blind eye while they intentionally become a drag on society by having as many children as possible and expecting the welfare agencies to support them.

    The US Constitution forbids any laws respecting the establishment of any religion. I hold that giving any religion special privileges like running their own show in their own communities and policing themselves IS the de facto establishment of that religion. So is giving religious organizations special tax treatment, but that's another topic.

    The US government need to make it abundantly clear that while people are free to congregate and live near and among whomever they want, there is one set of laws that applies to everybody. No one can be allowed to impose their religious or cultural laws, superstitions, practices, or taboos on anyone else. Saying something is required or justified by one's religious belief is no get-out-of-jail free card. If it's a crime, it's a crime. End of story.

    This position needs to be even more stringently enforced when we're talking about someone who wants to enter this country, whether to live or even just to visit. Each one must be individually screened and vetted to determine if they truly want to embrace American culture and the freedom of the individual and live under our laws. They must not be allowed to enter if they want to bring their misogynous, hateful, bigoted religious or cultural beliefs and superstitions with them and impose them on others, including family members. They must prove that they totally reject jihad and any other form of terrorism or coercion to force others to believe as they do. If they don't want to live under the freedom that our laws guarantee them, and extend that same freedom to others, including females and other individuals typically oppressed by organized religion and tribal cultures, then they must not be allowed to enter and spread their filthy bile here.

    We are supposed to all live under the temporal civil laws backed by the Constitution, not laws based on religious superstition and tradition. I hope that never changes.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    If you believe our way of life is so degenerated why bring your family to this place.

    The vast majority of Muslims immigrating to the US DON'T believe this. They're not coming here to inact Sharia Law. They're coming here to escape it.

    I would also point out that no Muslim refugee coming to the US has ever been involved in a domestic terrorist attack.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Coded Logic. My point about believing our way of life is so degenerating I was referring to

    the group in the articles I mention, the cities in the US where they want to practice Sharia Law.

    I realize the Constitution will not allow it but they are fighting it in courts across this country.

    Others have mention here it is a difficult issues....ttdtt: we get your point, but can you cease from the

    name calling, Are you still a JW? We are not talking about Muslims replacing the Constitution with

    Sharia Law...

  • EndofMysteries
    I just checked out the Gross national happiness ranking of Sweden, and they don't seem to think they are falling apart.

    Obviously you have no idea how Sweden went from a relatively crime free country to the 2nd worst in the entire world for rape rates in a few short years. Or about the no go zones, 60 minutes tried to do a report there and you can see in your own eyes the police didn't want to go in, the crew get hit by a car and attacked after in a few minutes.. You also obviously don't know about the laws passed censoring any criticism of the immigration policy and immigrants even though crime, rape, etc are skyrocketing there. That happiness ranking was probably a number pulled out of someones hinney.

  • EndofMysteries
    I would also point out that no Muslim refugee coming to the US has ever been involved in a domestic terrorist attack.

    That's only because the Feds thankfully caught them before they could carry out such attacks. Here is a very recent one. So use arrests instead of attacks. Or do you want to wait until a big attack to admit there is a problem and risk?

    "The arrests in Sacramento, California, and Houston did not appear to be directly related, but the cases had several similarities.

    Both men were Palestinians born in Iraq and living as refugees in the United States, according to the U.S. Justice Department. And both of them are accused of lying to immigration officials about their alleged ties to terrorist organizations.

    Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, of Houston, is charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS."

  • Vidiot

    James Mixon - "Sharia Law in the US, it's coming folks."

    I think you've been reading too much Alex Jones.

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