Sharia Law in the US, it's coming folks.

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  • EndofMysteries

    Some key parts of the website I just posted,, "The Islamic Tribunal is a unique institution of its kind in the United States of America. It is the intention of erecting this institution in order to set a precedence that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country"

    "Through effective mediation and arbitration, decisions can be made that are stipulated in the Shari’ah and adhering to the binding, ethical and legal code that exists within this country with the final approval of the relevant courts and judges."

    "Islamic Tribunal or IT is established exactly for this purpose. The Islamic Tribunal is a unique institution of its kind in the United States of America. It is the intention of erecting this institution in order to set a precedence that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country."

    "Stoning adulterers, cutting of the hands, polyandry and the like (all can be traced in the relevant literature and can be explained in their Islamic legal mentality and rational context in fairness and justice), are mainly a part of Islamic Criminal Law. In fact criminal law within Islam only makes up a fraction of the Shari’ah."

    And they handle divorces, business disputes, etc. Any question if the divorce cases will be fair to the female since shariah law lets men abuse their wives, etc, and puts men's testimony above theirs? Also allows beatings, etc, in the marriage?

  • JWdaughter

    Religious law courts exist in this country already. JWs, Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Presbyterians---to some extent most religions have their religious requirements and some kind of enforcement structure.

    The kind of sharia court you are all afraid of-like the village elders in small corners of India or the backwoods of timbuktoo are never going to have a legal foot in our country, but religious courts that decide on whether a person can be RELIGIOUSLY married or divorced are not going to be respected in our law when they attempt to supersede secular law. For example, a JW will always be able to marry whoever they want. A Mormon, an Atheist, a Venusian. Whether they will be acceptable to the JW community is another thing altogether. A JW child can be DF'd, but LEGALLY (unless parents play games), the parents cannot kick a minor out of the house and say they are within their religious rights.

    Many fundamentalist Christians these days are marrying without secular or official licenses. They are living together (or become common law spouses eventually in some states), but are not considered by their peers to be "living in sin" since they pledged their lives to each other in a public way or announced it. Religious law will always have rights in thsi country so long as it doesn't infringe on secular law.

    A "gang" of any group/religion/ethnicity/sports club that is not controlled by the local government is just a gang that is operating outside of the law. If the local authorities let it go on, shame on them.

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    The US flag is going to be replaced with the russian flag.

    I mean... there's nothing on the books, and the government and people of the US would never allow it, but some people somewhere want it, so that means it's coming, right?

    The Russian flag is coming, folks!

  • ttdtt

    That is such a baseless ignorant statement.

    Individuals can do whatever they want - but to say something like - the constitution of the USA will be trashed and the 100,000 laws on the books will be wiped out - and the 0.9% of muslims in the USA will somehow override the 70% christian and the 29.9% of others in the country to abide by a different law code - is just BATSHIT crazy.

    LIsaRose - as Trump is teaching us - proof, facts, reason are not important nor required.

  • WTWizard

    I have seen what goes on with Sharia law, and it is not voluntary. Once enough people get in on it, they start mobbing everyone else. They put people in office to change the law of the land, imposing this miserable law that is the Islam equivalent of the xian Dark Ages as the new law of the land. Then you have political correctness that bans any attempt to thwart this communist law and protect people from enslavement. Open discussion is banned--while these scumbags are allowed to rape women that do not have face veils.

    None of the big three are acceptable. Joke-hova and its filthy angels simply must have us enslaved in order to suck our power dry, so they can sustain themselves. Yet, we do not have the right to remove these parasites? Would you condemn someone for killing the tapeworms in themselves? Or killing the fleas and ticks off their cat? Yet, we are evil, [insert term] for trying to do that with our cosmic enemies. Terms such as apostate, anti-Semite, racist, and heretic are used to denote those who hate such parasites, and any attempt to identify such as "hate speech" which is against the law in so many countries and the rules on most forums. Hence, being a parasite is protected--and they are going to enslave us all using this as a blind.

    Simply, Judaism, Islam, and Christi-SCAM-ity, along with any religions corrupted by any one or more of the above, have to go. Those using these religions to prepare mankind for slavery (Sharia Law does count, since it makes women's lives miserable and enslaves them to men) need the rug pulled out from under them.

    And since when is Islam true to its core? The core is "doing good works in the name of Allah". Does enforced fasting during set hours do this? When does abstaining from water during the hottest part of the day, in the hottest part of the year, count as a good work? Does living in poverty count as a good work, or does it simply duplicate the problem without removing it from anyone? And yes, there is psychic connection. You connect with the problem, it implants it onto your soul so it is duplicated. Then joke-hova and its filthy angels use the energy for its own purpose--to enslave us, and then the rest of the universe. Is that a good work? If not, why are they practicing it and calling it good work?

  • ttdtt

    I can think of a few people here who might benefit from watching a few School House Rock videos about how a Bill becomes a Law?

    Maybe pick up a book now and again - or how about this - GOOGLE How Laws Are Made in the USA.

    You have to be a moron if you think Sharia Law is coming to a town near your.

    Really this is so so stupid - just leave us alone and go watch your Alex Jones videos on YouTube about how the government's making millions of Black Plastic Coffins for when the UN comes to kill all Americans.

    Or better yet - go back to the Kingdom Hall.

  • EndofMysteries
    Individuals can do whatever they want - but to say something like - the constitution of the USA will be trashed and the 100,000 laws on the books will be wiped out - and the 0.9% of muslims in the USA will somehow override the 70% christian and the 29.9% of others in the country to abide by a different law code - is just BATSHIT crazy.

    Do some research on muslim immigrants and refugees in Sweden, London, Brussels, and Paris. It starts off with a large enough population having immigrated in small areas that they outnumber the native population. Then the problems start, no go zones, terror breeding grounds, etc. If sharia gets allowed within small communities, it greatly increased the chances for radicalization. Look up the neighborhoods where the terror attacks in Europe, the neighborhoods they came from. And with Clinton/Democrats, they want to let in hundreds of thousands more.

    Look how quickly Sweden has been falling apart. And the cover ups they are doing. Now with the USA, in our lifetimes realistically we would only get concentrated areas and extremism there. But with letting hundreds of thousands immigrate and they do NOT integrate, 50/100 years from now the population may be large enough to really threaten freedom here. Europe is a preview of things to come here since they have taken in so many more than us. The same patterns will happen in the same order.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    ttdtt: Sharia Law In America

    Sharia law in the U.S has reached penetration phase 3.

    Maybe you should google Sharia laws and how it has grown throughout the world and

    Texas, Michigan,Florida,Minnesota before you call folks morons.....

  • Village Idiot
  • JWdaughter

    "Look how quickly Sweden has been falling apart." I just checked out the Gross national happiness ranking of Sweden, and they don't seem to think they are falling apart. I do think too much openness to immigration and throwing out benefits to all and sundry is going to make for long term problems, especially when combined with a certain amount of racism and a lot of ghettoization. You get a huge group of marginalized people, any people and there will be problems. The cracks in the policy are definitely showing.

    Being generous in letting people in, while effectively maintaining a segregated society is going to cause problems. Do I think there were good intentions? Yes. But humans are kind of persistent in our flawed humanity.Poverty and a lack of opportunity combined with a weariness of the costs involved and the issues that the overwhelming poverty brings is going to result in issues. Throw in some fear (which is fair enough, after all the immigrants know better than most that there is a real danger when an outside group quickly starts using up resources and plays by different rules.) Then you have the normal thugginess of young people who are un or underemployed and bored and yep, there are issues. The country is not falling apart, but they are responding to some real issues.

    Sharia law is not really the issue. Economics is the issue. No one is afraid of women wearing burkhini's or even burquas. That's just the excuse to further marginalize Muslims by hostile non-Muslims.

    I don't wear headcoverings unless I am in a place where folks commonly do (When in rome and all that). NO ONE in my life has tried to force headcoverins on me. TWO men I know, who are very devout and lived or live in my home (not my husband) both think I should, but they treat me respectfully and we can agree to disagree. The folks in my 'circle' are not dogmatic about it and regard it as a choice for me to make. In the Quran, the mention of modesty was in order for women to be given proper respect and not harrassed. If wearing it is going to get me abused (or people playing chicken with me as I cross a parking lot, which happened once while covering in Texas) then I think it is obedient in spirit to not wear it, if someone tries to press the ONLY verse in the Quran about this subject on me. I know it better than they do:)

    BTW, I have no use for cultural traditions disguised as religion. If a cultural tradition promotes good things and discourages evil things, I'm all for it. As good culture. Many traditions just support misogyny, racism, agism, nationalism and disrespect for others. They incorporate cultural sense of superiority and prejudices. I discourage and educate against that at every turn, whether in class or working with young women in my community.I have a first generation immigrant family that I work with a lot and the girls have a really smart and well balanced attitude about their family traditions vs. their faith. Even RELIGION vs. faith. I am happy to see that kind of critical thinking.

    Classism and racism happens everywhere, even in Sweden. Take out religion altogether though and they are still going to be torked about the immigration issues, and they have a reason to be as terrorism aside, there are very real risks when rapidly bringing in a huge group of economically disadvantaged people whose language and culture are vastly different and who have been uprooted from their lives and family and homes. They will get over it. Mostly. Like we did with most of our minority groups. Still some rocky roads there, though, and still people will make disparaging remarks about an entire HUGE group of people and think they are morally superior in every way. Humanity is an ongoing process:)

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