What Was Your Favorite Kingdom Song?

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Funny but for whatever reason, I can't stop singing Walking In Integrity from the old songbook! It's in my head and in my opinion it was one of the few songs I really liked.

    Ditto. Same exact song. I think it was played during my baptism. Nowadays I equate it with my leaving the organization out of a sense of integrity.


  • baker

    When I first saw a songbook, I was looking thru it for songs like "amazing grace" or "bringing in the sheaves" which most all major religions have in their songbook, but when I didn't find anything familiar, I knew something was not quite rite here. I should have got up and run at that point...

  • tepidpoultry

    Forward You Witnesses as it was written in and smuggled

    out of a Nazi concentration camp,

    Great emotional attachment to me for that reason,

    I understand it's not in the current song book

    I'm going to check,


  • tepidpoultry

    Walking in Integrity was written by Vern Duncombe, a big George Shearing

    fan, you can hear his influence,


  • minimus

    A pro wrote it??

  • tepidpoultry

    Lyrically I hate them all now, Keep your Eyes on the Prize? Lol Evidently

    I'm not the only one as it's been kicked out DFed :)

    Funny story Re We're JWS you know the chorus: Ours is the God of true

    prophes eeeee Can you hit that last note, the composer told me that he

    knocked that note down so people could reach it,

    And I thought umm

    Maybe you should try again,


  • nowwhat?

    My favorite song was the one at the end of the meeting

  • ShirleyW

    Ha! funny but true nowwhat? I remember from the purple/magenta songbook No 19 was written by a Hawaiian brother and you could her the "hula" part in the song, I was a kid then as some of my friends in the Cong were at the time and when we sang that song some of us kids used to do the hula until we got smacked by our mothers !!

  • tepidpoultry

    Paradise Present and Future, the "Hawaiian" effect was caused by moving

    (sliding) chords as would be played by a Pedal Steel Guitar ubiquitous to

    County Music,

    A Hawaiian invention,



    minimus The Integrity song was a favorite too - It always reminded me of this classic :


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