Do you remember this WT calendar art?

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  • Dunedain

    I remember that bible as well. It was definitely the green one, that had the dinosaurs. In my 4 and 5 year old mind, while sitting thru those boring meetings, I would always stare at the dinos on the inside covers. It was the "coolest" thing in any WBTS, that I remember.

    Now in response to the OP's showing of those calendar pics, I do not remember them. They were probably before my time. One thing I do notice about the baptism picture, it looks like everyone being baptized is an ADULT. I do not see any 12 and 13 year olds getting dunked. Looks like a fully bearded man going under, and one leaving the water. The female entering the water, appears to be very adult as well, lol. Everyone else is observing.

  • smiddy

    By the way I do remember that calendar , I could be wrong but I don`t ever remember children being baptised as happens today , and certainly not depicted in that art work.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I never bought the calendars, if anyone came to my house and saw one they would immediately spot that I belonged to a freaky religious cult.

    The symbolism of the baptism picture is typical of JWs using "the world" to bolster their lowly status. With a backdrop of the refined classical architecture and the expensive dress and elegance of the female figure; they mislead the viewer into thinking their brand of christianity was about style and high fashion.

    In reality these aspects of life are severely played down today by the deceiving JW organisation. Back in the first and second centuries the christ cults were mainly drawn for the 'great unwashed' peasantry who would have been far removed from the likelyhood of such pretentiousness.

  • Tantalon

    The question was raised about the copyright dates of Aid to Bible Understanding.

    My copy is 1971 version (500,000 copies) and it says in the fly sheet that there was a 1969 edition (532,917 copies).

    Definitely no entry under "Elder".

    I too remember the green Bible, but my Bible is a 1984 brown NWT reference Bible.

  • sparky1

    "Does anyone remember the JW bible that had dinosaurs drawn in the map?"- scratchme1010

    Yup.......I sure do. Still have my old green NWT too!

  • wannaexit

    I remember those calendars. Shows my age a little

  • jaydee

    Trip down memory lane.....(yes, I said memory lane)

  • OrphanCrow
    smiddy: ...I could be wrong but I don`t ever remember children being baptised as happens today , and certainly not depicted in that art work.

    I don't think you are wrong. In the 60s, it was not usual to see children baptized.

    My parents had a rule that us kids couldn't get baptized until we were at least 16. (thank goodness...I left when I was 13/14)

    Child baptism was not considered a "thing" in the post-war years. My mother had been part of the pre-war scoop that saw very young children get baptized in anticipation of the 'armageddon' that the war was going to usher in. She had been six years old when she got dunked by the "Society men" that had been sent out into rural Canada to save all those children. She said that the Society, after the war, offered all those children an opportunity to be re-baptized, if they felt they needed to be, as adults. My mom didn't bother...she said "Of course I agreed to be baptized at 6 years of age - I wanted to make my parents happy...I had no idea what it really meant."

    Child baptism was a huge part of the pre-war years that saw events such as the "Children of the King" assemblies and the release of the book "Children" in 1941. The WTS needed the children to help fight the pledge of allegiance legal issue that they were facing.

  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    In the 60's in my hall there was an old brother who would actually paint the picture from the calendar onto the wall at the back of the platform (into a large oval frame if I recall correctly)!

    Isn't it funny all these vague memories that pop up with just a simple reminder?


  • OrphanCrow
    Happy: Isn't it funny all these vague memories that pop up with just a simple reminder?

    Yes...I now have a memory of my mother painting the text on the sign that hung behind the platform. It changed every year. That was always a big thing for her

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