Why Finding the One True Religion is Impossible

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  • smiddy

    Finding the one true religion is impossible simply because their is no one true religion just as their are no multiple true religions.

    All religions have some truth in them just as all religions have plenty of bullshit in them.

    Philosophy has truth in it also , do we seek the one true philosophy ?

  • Vidiot
    prologos - "...Finding the 'true religion' is impossible... founding the 'true religion' is easy..."

    Fixed that for ya. :wink:

  • notjustyet

    While I don't believe that there is a true religion. If there were, why would it be impossible for a person to find it? What if there was a true religion and this true religion was the first one that some came across?

    Maybe it would not be possible for all or even many to find it but some could find it.

    Just saying,...

  • deegee

    It's not possible to find the one true religion because the Bible does not present only one theological point of view.

    For example, on the matter of the Trinity, there are passages in the New Testament which clearly indicate that Jesus is God. There are other passages however, in which it is quite clear that Jesus is not God.

    The Bible states the soul lives on after death but it also says that the soul dies.

    etc. etc.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Simon » And yet some would have us believe that "God" expects us to find the right one and will kill anyone who doesn't.

    Yes, but many would hold that that would make God unjust. Why would God "kill" anyone who doesn't find His true religion? If God is bound by by a law of justice, He would have to judge people by what was in their hearts. Very few Christians believe that people "sleep" when they die. Origen, who literally had one foot in the first century church and the other in the later church, when trying to recall the early teachings of the church, wrote: "After death, I think the saints go to Paradise, a place of learning or school of the spirits, in which everything they learned on Earth would be made clear to them." This is actually consistent with countless near death experiences, and of the many I've read, not ONE of the people who had them did anyone ever mention being asked which church they belonged to. But they did undergo "life reviews," in which they learned a great deal about the lives they lived.

    I think even atheists receive a fair shake if their beliefs are sincerely held. It would be a narrow, vindictive God who would expect a person to be a member of a particular church, or else.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Deegee » The Bible states the soul lives on after death but it also says that the soul dies.

    It's all in how one defines "soul" and "die."

    Soul usually is the being, as in spirit and body are the soul of man. Die/Death is the separation of body and spirit. The soul dies when the body and spirit are separated. The spirit cannot die or cease to exist. The soul can die a spiritual death, which is the separation of God and man.

  • deegee

    Cold Steel,

    Your responses show just why it's not possible to find the one true religion per the OP.

    To begin with, the Bible does not present only one theological point of view. Then on top of that, people add their various interpretations and reinterpretations, hence the approximately 40,000 different Christian denominations (Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary).

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    If there is a one true religion, it shouldn't be impossible to find it where it's present. But for most of the world it may be impossible because of religious suppression. Certainly Christianity cannot flourish in China or Muslim countries, so finding it in many countries would not be feasible.

    I also don't believe a true church could exist without revelation. If there is no communication with God, there's no point in having a church. But that said, God made man imperfect and subject to error. To think He would condemn a person for not having a Bible Study or "accepting Jesus" by the time they die, however, would be unjust. Calvinists believe God created some people to be exalted on high and other people not to make it. But where's the justice in that? And what justice would there be in throwing an atheist into hell? People say, nah, you're giving people a second chance. No, you give everyone the same chance.

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    I have researched other religions beliefs, and the JW makes the most sense to me.

  • Viviane

    It makes sense that god used the pyramids measurements in imperial units to reveal prophecy that didn't come true, A Believer?

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