Why Finding the One True Religion is Impossible

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  • Darkknight757

    If those two elders come back I'm sharing this with them. Simply fantastic topic.

  • stuckinarut2

    FANTASTIC post Simon, and great comments Steve2 as well...(and everyone in fact)

    Another thing to add is that : Nothing is constant. Things change (evolve) over time, so what was PERCEIVED to be truth once, needs re-evaluating as more information comes to light. Most religions don't do that....

    For instance, Christians (and witnesses in this case) will take the accounts in the OT as factual and acceptable behaviour. (eg Lot committing incest with his daughters, or the killing of babies by soldiers etc) But we know now that there is NEVER an acceptable reason for such behaviour!

    I challenge a witness to try and tell us otherwise!

  • Finkelstein

    There can never be one true religion because there never was one true supernatural spiritual (God) force.

    There has never been any solid physical evidence of such a thing except in the imaginative minds and story telling of humans. ( ancient mythology )

    The ancient Hebrews and the writings of the Torah (Bible) for example.

    There is one indefensible truth though that can not be denied and that is human ignorance of the world in which we live is a reality.

  • slimboyfat

    It's not impossible. I'm joining one religion a week until I got all my bases covered.

  • scratchme1010

    And yet some would have us believe that "God" expects us to find the right one and will kill anyone who doesn't. What a twat.

    Great thoughts. Love this ending of your post. That alone should make people who believe that religion is the way, or the one and only way of leaving reflect a little more and probably expand their choices.

    Thanks for posting.

  • ctrwtf

    I strongly disagree...God is not a twat. He's a dick!

  • blondie

    I remember when I first left and was checking out so many religions in my area. We have a diverse population. Then online. The first time I say Ray Franz, we talked about this. He had never joined or created another religion, just his personal beliefs and that others would find their own way, not his way.

    He pointed me to a book by Charles Davis, a Catholic theologian that left the RC because he could not support their beliefs. He found that when groups of believers grew in number and formed an "organization" the true spirituality of their group disappeared.


    So I am evolving as time goes by and I live by my personal choices.

  • JWdaughter

    I think that the years of telling ourselves that we HAD it made some of us convinced that even knowing the WT was wrong about so many things, that we should still be seeking out that "one true religion". That's really the first idea that we were told we needed to recognize in the studies. They lead you down the path they want you to follow, seeking after the elusive "True religion", telling us that if we find it, all will be right in the world. This is the precept we first need to drop, but it is often the last one, and the one that we are often still trying to fill, years later. That is the ? JWs always use, "well, if the organization isn't right, then who IS? Aiyiyi!

    I am saying this as a person of faith (hold off the bitter and derogatory attacks on my intelligence, please, I already read my quota for one day), and as a person who has recognized that that particular fallacy IS a fallacy rather late in life. It was grown into us like saying please and thank you. Like "I before e, except after c" etc.

  • stillin

    Finding the perfect neighborhood to live in is made much easier by consulting a real estate agent, Simon. Like Kingdom Publishers, they know EVERYTHING that you need to know!

    The difference is that you will actually SEE the property that you are investing in when a real estate agent shows it to you. You have to take the Kingdom Publisher's word for it on faith.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Very well stated. Steve2 also makes a very good point that is often overlooked: A person's impression of what "makes sense" religiously or what the true religion should be like, is heavily biased and shaped by the religious values that the person was brought up with early on.

    That's why the JW's criteria of what constitutes true religion are all based on JW interpretation of the bible. Is it any wonder that it always ends up painting their own religion as the only true religion? That's why Muslims will always think that polytheistic religions make no sense - they're judging such religions by the acquired value of monotheism which they learned from Islam.

    So without realizing it, religious people are engaged in a kind of circular logic by judging what constitutes true religion by using criteria they learned from their own religion, which means they are implicitly presupposing that religious values learned from their own religion are objectively true, when they should in fact be questioning it. Psychologically, it's a virtually impossible task for a religious person to objectively determine what is the true religion free of any biases acquired from their own religion.

    Only someone brought up without religion is in the best position to objectively determine which religion makes the most sense, free of any theological biases implanted in them by a "native" religion.

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