Why Finding the One True Religion is Impossible

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  • Heaven

    Simon, you keep applying logic and reason to the realm of religion. That just doesn't work.

    Any organization based on fantasy and mythology is not 'true' in the sense that it is based on factual evidence.

    I think the ancients who worshipped real things such as the Sun and the Earth as being life givers and divine were more sane than the big 3 we have today, worshipping Gods that kill people for not believing whatever warped interpretation of ancient scribes' superstitious writings less ancient people chose as some sort of 'bible'.

  • prologos
    Stillin: "--Finding the perfect neighborhood to live in is made much easier by consulting a real estate agent'

    How about the truth? we found the perfect neighbourhood, walk to school, live on a park, overlooking the ocean, snowcapped mountains in the distance, palm trees in the yard, at the right time, as a bargain, -- and ended up in the most awful prejudiced congregation, even some neighbours possibly, so besides real estate, if you want find disciples of the elusive "Christ" check the local's prejudices, before you prove, at your cost, that this is not the true religion/region you are moving into.

  • prologos

    Impossible, because the creator (unless the universe created itself) did not mandate to be worshipped. Even in the flawed bible account, religion was a human invention, sacrifice was not asked by the spirit "walking in the breezy afternoon in the garden". Abel's fatty carrion burns better than Cain's vegetables, it was was not a sign from heaven, pointing to the true religion, but physics, chemistry, used again in Treblinka. Shoa. Very sorry to use that analogy, with tears. All this burning in religiosity, faith based.

  • Fernando

    Personally I have come to conclude that the Watchtower organisation had at least one thing right, until they abandoned this teaching in 1950: all religion is a snare and a racket.

    References (books written by JF Rutherford):

    • Enemies 1937
    • Religion 1940
  • Zana

    Well, if every JW were pioneering, maybe it wouldn't be impossible to give almost everybody at least the opportunity to get to know the JW "truth". Isn't Simon's post actually playing into their hands? About the importance of field service and going to serve where the need is greater?

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I honestly think religious people and football supporters are fairly similar. We find our team/ religion as a child, and stick with it, what ever the board do, however expensive the tickets, win or loose it's our team, it is our God.

    Do football clubs disfellowship? some of my favourite players have been kicked out the club, but I never leave with them and support their new club. Well I never have yet, no matter the reason I never leave my football club. Watford F.C forever.

    p.s Simon, I believe you supported Manchester City, so tonight we are at loggerheads, but my prediction Man City 0 Watford 5. Yes like religious people football supporters are deluded.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Going about finding the one true religion assumes the existence of God.

    God has to exist before we can even talk about the one true religion.

    Nobody has shown that God exists.

  • pixel


    Great thought. Let me condense everything with:

    Is impossible because it does not exist. You can't find something that does not exist.

  • David_Jay

    I don't think there is such a thing as a true religion or that God is an exclusive experience to theists or even only to those who believe in God.

    My parents were not particularly religious. They gave us kids a great Christmas and Easter once or twice when I was in elementary school but never observed Passover or celebrated Chanukah. We walked a few times into a church, but was only briefly told about our connection to Israel when I was 16 (we did eat kosher though, but I think it was only out of habit and familiarity.) And that was it--end of my sporadic religious upbringing by age 9.

    The only time I was exposed to the idea that there was a "true feligion" or that one needed to find "the Truth" regarding life was when I was introduced to the Jehovah's Witnesses by my aunt who took over raising me as a boy by age 17. I never heard of such a "one truth" concept from anyone else I knew before or hear it from anyone in my circles today (except from some Mormons who came to my door a few times and a few Catholic friends who were influenced by growing up in the Bible belt of the U.S.).

    From my experience as a regular pioneer when I was a JW and comparing it to my 20 years of life since, very few religious people believe theirs is the true religion or that only one true religion or one truth exists. It is an earmark of NRMs, some Fundamentalist Christian movements, a few disconnected others from just about any other walk of life maybe, but I can't say from my personal experience that it is a common trait to anyone else, religious or otherwise.

    However after watching several documentaries on life in North Korea, reading about the way people there view their rulers (and how the rulers have practically made deities of themselves), I think the idea of "having the only truth" or being a member of the "best" or putting all of one's figurative eggs in one "basket" makes certain religious movements and their adherents the zombie-like Kool-Aid drinkers that they are. The formula, as North Korea demonstrates, is not exclusive to any religious experience.

    As the secular North Korean paradigm demonstrates, you can take religion totally out of the picture and still get the same type of propaganda-drunk followers. Sometimes people are forced to believe these things, other times they are free to do so, but it is naive to think that religion itself is a necessary ingredient if you want to make mindless sheep.

    As a hypothesis I put forward the possibility that it's the idea that there is only one way, one "truth" that causes people to act as they do in these situations. Whether it be the Watchtower, New Age crytals, the secular regime of a dictator that outlaws religion, or a group that promotes loving Jesus but hating everyone else, the common denominator is that these people convince themselves that only their view is correct and that of others isn't.

    It seems to be that it is the "one-truth-only, and-I-have-it-but-you-don't" concept that may be the real poison, and not religion or any particular secular philosophy that causes this.

  • Simon
    Is impossible because it does not exist. You can't find something that does not exist

    Yes, I don't think there is any one true religion, they are all as fake as each other, just some more dangerous.

    It was just an example of why, even if someone did think there was one, that it's statistically an impossible task and that god is unreasonable putting the onus on "us" to find it.

    Why not make the true religion clear so the choice is fair?

    Finding the perfect neighborhood to live in is made much easier by consulting a real estate agent, Simon. Like Kingdom Publishers, they know EVERYTHING that you need to know!

    Except like religions, each salesperson is trying to sell you a place in their neighborhood, the only one they really deal with.

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