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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i did marry a rich widow..or at least thats what she told me she was.

    She was always spending money like there was no tomorrow. She had a very well paid job. She had property--and over £700K invested.

    About a year after we got married a found her credit card bill she had left lying around. Her debt was more like a telephone number--and she wasnt even meeting the minimum monthly payment,

    A long discussion followed--and it all came out--she had nothing--it was all made up--she was like a Walter Mitty.

    I came home one day--and there was a note she had left for me--she was gone !

    I divorced her.

  • TonusOH
    joey jojo: why do some of you guys care so much?

    I don't know about the others, but I find that thread extremely entertaining. It's about an obnoxious, self-important jerk who blew his reputation to smithereens, and now is trying to salvage the mess he created, even though he has no clue how to do so. It's a real-life sitcom, right down to the bumbling male lead.

    Just to be clear- I have nothing against Evans. I watched some of his videos and read his site a few times, and have had no interactions with him, here or anywhere else. He hasn't done anything to me, personally. If he got his shit together tomorrow and rode off into the sunset, I'd shrug my shoulders and go on with life, a bit sad for the loss but otherwise ready for whatever else comes along.

    I don't pretend to be concerned about the moral angles either, though it is entertaining to watch his struggles because he tries so hard to pretend he's a moral person while also admitting that he's a slave to his uncontrollable libido. Most people recognize that we're not nearly as spotless as we like to think, but we also don't promote ourselves the way people like Evans (or Trump, since someone mentioned him) do: creating a brand that they use for power, influence and money. And if you're going to do that, then it's a very bad idea to show your ass to the world the way he did.

    Well... it's a bad idea for him. I get free entertainment out of it.

  • Diogenesister
    Dont forget--there's no such thing as bad publicity.

    You do have a point there, Stan. I do wonder if we are just feeding the monster ego.

    To answer JoJo:

    The mega thread is kept alive in order that when googling Watchtower, new exjws and mainstream media are aware of his behaviour & that he's not an appropriate "go to" for info about watchtower with regard to CSA.

    The problem we have is that he's always used exjws as a giant cash cow and doesn't give a monkeys about victims of CSA. If he did he wouldn't dream of using victims of the sex trade in Eastern Europe and Thailand. Both places notorious for coercing vulnerable and addicted women, who have usually been trafficked or pimped beginning as minors.

    NB It's sad its caused another massive rift between exjws. I think some younger people think this is all about being morally judgemental, but that's not so. I've lived long enough to know the absolute harm prostitution does to women (and young rent boys, too).

  • Diogenesister
    Joeyjojo Jeff T The issue is accusations of implied child abuse because he had sex with prostitutes in Thailand. A doesn't necessarily imply B.

    The point is not that we think he had sex with minors, necessarily.

    The point is he is an advocate for victims of child sex abuse.

    Yet.....he's using an industry where over half the prostitutes are kids, or began as kids, and that he doesn't care about that, showing zero remorse when it was pointed out.

    This despite the fact he pushed his way in to being a core participant into the ICCSA investigation in the UK. He used a lawyer to demand a place because they didn't initially want him since he had no 'legitimate interest'. Not being a child protection expert nor a victim or parent of a victim - as ICCSA termed it, he wasnt a suitable participant.

    He simply used it to drive more you tube content and donations, instead of standing aside for others who worked on it from the beginning/victims/counsellors etc

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Tonus- the evil side of me understands the guilty pleasure of the dark humour of the thread.

    Diogenesister and loveuni- I see your points but I still believe you are crossing a line- or at least running extremely close, by more or less implying that child abuse took place.

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