Happy Valentine's Day

by OnTheWayOut 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • OnTheWayOut

    Thanks all. I would love to share these silly holidays with a certain loved one some day. But at least I got you guys.

  • rebel8

    Valentine's used to be the most painful day of the year for me.

    In school, girls would be getting hearts and flowers. They would carry their flowers around all day with them to show them off. It was a painful reminder that I would never have a normal date or even a normal adulthood. I knew I never wanted to marry a jw, so what was I supposed to be for eternity, a spinster living among jws? eww.

    Then, in the aftermath after escaping as a young adult, I had missed out on normal dating and was single longer than I wanted to be. I hated seeing people getting flowers at work and stuff in the stores.

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