consequences for going against the direction.

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  • jehovaxx

    there are no serious consequences for doubting the GB.

    There are no consequences for going against the direction. We can now celebrate anything.

    what will happen if you take blood, celebrate Xmas and birthdays ect?

    Elders will call round and ask if you are sorry if you say yes nothing will happen if you say no you could be DF’ed for 90 days

    thats it, those are the only consequences of going against the direction. Worst could happen is DF’ed for 90days but no more shunning during those 90 days as families now talk to DF,ed ones.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    90 days to show repentant works. No guarantees. Keep doing (whatever) and still out.

    A club does need standards of membership. The problem is the inconsistency of standards and applications.

  • jehovaxx

    Road to nowhere you don’t understand the huge U turn this new light brings.

    It’s very hard to get DF’ed in the first place. It will only happen if the person actually says they are not sorry. If they say they are sorry that is enough. If elders ever think someone should be DF’ed there is now an appeals process where the person can say they are sorry and that is enough they will not be DF’ed.

    If the person is DF’ed at all (extremely unlikely) it’s only for 90days and the elders will chase them begging them to be reinstated, all they have to do is say yes they are sorry and ok they will let the Elders reinstate them but don’t expect them to come to many meetings in person as they prefer zoom.

    It’s totally switched to the opposite of the person begging the elders and having to jump through hoops to get reinstated.

    Now the elders chase all DF’ed ones and beg them to agree to be reinstated. The elders have to jump through hoops now with this U turn.

    All the long term DF’ed ones will be contacted every six months and they can basically say ok I Will agree to be reinstated if you first answer these questions and then come up with some very difficult questions every six months.

    the direction is that elders contact ALL DF’ed ones in their territory every six months.

    All elders have had their meeting by now going over the new direction. At my elders meeting we went over all DF’ed ones in our territory. This includes some names none of us have ever heard of. We are all going to be very busy now contacting them all every six months.

    Some have moved into our territory and got called on by some publishers and they told them they used to be a JW but got DF’ed.

  • jehovaxx

    As well as long term DF’ed getting called on by local Elders wherever they live, they should be getting contacted by any friends or family.

    Maybe friends or family will contact local congregations where the long term DFed ones now live?

  • Biahi

    Imagine someone being DFd for fornication, say 10 years ago, and they are now married to the person they fornicated with. Will they be reinstated right away?

  • slimboyfat

    I wouldn’t get too excited, JWs are already practiced at the art of “marking” people they consider “spiritually weak” and enacting the “soft shun”.

    In a way it could be worse in certain situations, because what’s worse somebody who won’t speak to you at all, or someone who will act as if they’re friendly but consistently keep you at arm’s length?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Slim is bang on.

    They already have in place a systematic way of ostracizing 'weak' ones inactive or.....whomever they want to ostracize as they see fit.

    Quit showing up to meetings.

    Miss meetings.

    Dont comment.

    Go inactive

    Go irregular.

    See what I mean?

  • Jeffro

    All of the changes were about disfellowshipping. (And the option of an appeal committee isn’t new either.)

    But elders can still decide the person has disassociated. This is often considered to refer just to someone ‘writing a letter of disassociation’, but also includes if the elders decide the person has ‘disassociated themself by their actions’ (e.g., accepting blood, attending a rival church service, promoting political opinions). No right of appeal is available if the elders decide a person has disassociated.

    As was skilfully pointed out by the lawyer during the Australian Royal Commission, a JW who simply ‘fades’ is still considered (by JWs) to be subject to JW rules, which can eventually result in shunning (though ‘soft shunning’ is often already in place at that point anyway) if elders learn of the person doing something egregious like unrepentantly celebrating Christmas or sharing opinions about JWs being wrong.

  • Jeffro

    It’s not clear how a regular JW is supposed to know if they are allowed 🙄 to greet a ‘disfellowshipped’ person attending a meeting. Congregation members aren’t told why the person was disfellowshipped, or if the person disassociated, or if the elders decided the person disassociated. The person could be an evil apostate (not allowed to greet) or they could have just committed the lesser sin of molesting children (allowed to greet).

  • peacefulpete

    Jehovaxx..... I recommend testing your theory before suggesting it to others. It is my view that nothing of significance has changed. Choices should be clear eyed and well informed. Then there are no regrets.

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