consequences for going against the direction.

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  • jehovaxx
    think that’s what the WTS has in mind. They appear to trying to make it so that being disfellowshipped almost never occurs

    You got it exactly

  • Jeffro

    Let’s see if the next court case about disfellowshipping will be like the Royal Commission… lawyer asks something like , ‘where is the actual policy?’, and some branch representative flounders about saying, ‘well… we have the letter from the branch… and… there were some Watchtowers… and… the governing body update said we were changing the process… and… and the circuit overseers told the elders this…’


  • DesirousOfChange
    This sounds like PR spin rather than an actual change

    We will have to see how all of these "drastic changes" really work in the real world of WT. So far, we see big changes in what's written for public consumption, but will it really be implemented? An even bigger question is: Will it ever be implemented with as drastic of changes and as liberally interpreted by the wishful thinking JWs and ex-JWs and PIMOs, etc?

    Will it really be evenly implemented in all locations? This drastic adjustment stems from issues WT is facing in Europe. They will never face these things in the USA due to the long-held "separation of Church and State" policy. US politicians do not want to alienate the Christian block of voters (and other denominations would rally against anything challenging that policy). So, IDK if we will really see it in practice here in the US as liberally as is suggested. Likely, a lot could depend on the local BOE. If the BOE is out to get ya, you better start your "fade", or at least relocate to a more friendly congo. Time will tell.

  • Jeffro


    Will it really be evenly implemented in all locations?

    Probably not. Not only are there different cultural aspects and different amounts of legal pressure in different countries, but JW ‘policies’ are a disparate jumble of material in various separate sources.

    It’s being touted that this is definitely a big change and the new policy is all very clear. But I’ve asked for specific details several times and all I get in response is, ‘yes, you just have to say sorry at the appeal meeting’. And every time I’ve mentioned disassociation (particularly ‘by one’s actions’ as determined by elders) it’s been completely ignored altogether.

    Based on what has officially been stated, the only changes are that they’ll go easier on minors (with a warning meeting with two elders before or instead of a judicial committee), there can be more than one meeting before a decision, elders can go a bit easier on people at appeal meetings, elders will contact disfellowshipped people more often, and JWs can invite disfellowshipped people to meetings and offer brief awkward greetings at the meeting (at the risk of being crash tackled by the nearest elder if they don’t realise the person is an evil apostate).

    The changes still entail emotional manipulation (actually more so), and the denomination’s beliefs are still objectively false. But at least the changes might be of some benefit to POMI individuals.

    Though the Norway court case focused a lot on treatment of minors, it also addressed the fact that JWs who want to leave are shunned, violating their human rights about freedom to change religion. These new changes do not address that problem at all, and instead reinforce shunning of those who don’t agree with JW teachings.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Well, shit, Jeffro, I should've read your comment before I commented on another thread.

    Yes, exactly, there is no way to leave the religion without being penalized in some fashion.

    Also, there are huge amounts of people who said sorry and were still disfellowshipped, myself included. People think it's just that easy because they've never been in front of a committee.

    In fact, we've seen leaked videos that elders are trained with that encourage taking a harsh line, that sorry isn't enough.

    Elders will disfellowship whomever they want as long as they can come up with some kind of limp justification.

    I would just love to be a fly on the wall at the next elders meeting.

    But, hey everyone, look at the beards and pants!!!

  • Jeffro

    I think another aspect of them giving POMI people an easier opportunity to return is that the longer they’re out, the more likely they are to stumble in the fact that none of it is actually true.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Yes. This is why Covid hurt them so badly.

    Without the constant indoctrination at the meetings and in field service people wised up and left.

    Wow. Must hurt to realize the only reason many people stay in their little religion is because they need constant coercion.

  • Ron.W.
    I would just love to be a fly on the wall at the next elders meeting.

    Just a minor side point, what do elders wear now at an elders meeting?

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  • wannabefree

    It sounds to me like the organization is trying to distance themselves from legal responsibility and putting more of the hard choices directly on the shoulders of the elders. I guess we'll see as time goes on.

    When have they ever made a change to benefit the flock? Everything is to protect the material assets.

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