Why dont practicing JWS cant accept the fact that the Watchtower Corporation is a commercialized false prophet ?

by Finkelstein 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Diogenesister

    I also discovered today that the prosletysing had a method behind it too. Since the response at the door was mostly negative (and often rude), the publisher would get the warm and fuzzies returning to the fold. Surrounded by the brothers again, the object of preaching is to reinforce the coldness of the 'world'.

  • EdenOne

    Great points about “triumphalism” and the reinforcement of tribalism vis a vis the coldness of the world outside. 👍

    Triumphalism is in a way to start a house from the roof down. Start with: this set of faith statements is the truth. Here, let me awe you with some cherry picked comments from “experts” that seem to validate our position. Now aren’t you so special for acquiring the truth? So, ignore all other ideas. Actually, go on and spend your time demolishing all other divergent statements (because while you’re at it, you don’t pause to question your own). Jehovah’s Witnesses were very good at deconstructing other people’s beliefs, but not great at defending their own.

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