Why dont practicing JWS cant accept the fact that the Watchtower Corporation is a commercialized false prophet ?

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  • Drearyweather

    I think most JW's didn't become JW's because of the prophecy factor. And most JW's don't care now about the 1975 fiasco. If you see, all the members of the GB and majority members of all the Branch committee members across the world are those who were very well alive and may be pioneering or CO's during the 1975 period. If the ones who lived through 1975 continue to be JW's, then no matter the later generations have no problem accepting it.

    For many JW's, they are convinced about their religion more than gravity. A JW may get up from his bed in the morning and ask, "What if gravity is wrong?" but will never ask, "What if the GB is wrong?"

  • Fisherman
    For many JW's, they are convinced about their religion more than gravity. A JW may get up from his bed in the morning and ask, "What if gravity is wrong?" but will never ask, "What if the GB is wrong?"

    I disagree. JW realize that GB direction is subject to error ( in fact gb admit it ), whereas gravity is not. However, JW are convinced that they can trust God more than in: scientific realism and in cause and affect if they had to choose.

  • punkofnice

    When I was a jobo, I was simply in my little bubble. Nothing got in and nothing got out. I was raised in the filthy, disgusting cult but just carried on not noticing the evil inherent within it. All the brainwashing worked. All the questions I had, I buried deep because I thought the fault was with me for daring to question the 'tower'.

    The jobo way of life was what I accepted, especially given all the family and friends I had in it.....must be the truthâ„¢, I thought.

    I felt guilty and afraid that I was never good enough. I saw injustice but thought the imaginary idiot in the sky would sort it out. Hah! Different story now.

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  • venus

    Problem is that the basic Christendom mentality continues among members. In Christendom one cannot try to understand things such as the Trinity, transubstantiation, incarnation ...etc, for the attempt might destroy it. In JW atmosphere, who would dare to ask: "How can heavenly calling start from certain date and end with certain date? What is the proof that a few men in WT corporation were appointed by Christ when he came to inspect his temple after Gentile Times? ...

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    "Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man" - Aristotle

    Just like Mr Punk I was raised in and brainwashed from birth. Access to information was difficult pre internet and once you are married in and have a large family base the problems of leaving are enormous.

    Plenty of people know it's all twaddle, the practicalities of leaving are not always so easy.


  • venus
    Hi St George of England

    That is true "plenty of people know it's all twaddle."

    We normally get overwhelmed by the number of people in one organization. However, how many of them truly believe in God. If one is told "you would die in one month" would he/she say "Why can't earlier, I long to meet my Heavenly Father!?"

  • EverApostate

    I have seen many staying in for several reasons, even though bombarded with so may failures.

    Fear of Life and feeling Insecure.


    Cant turn back as they have invested too much of their lives. EGO plays a role here as Venus said.

  • Apostate Anonymous
    Apostate Anonymous
    I find ego at the root of not changing. It is the fear of image: What would people think of me--I was so zealous about JW teaching, and I am not now--what does this tell about my judging ability?

    I think Venus nailed in on the head. They would have to come to terms with the fact that they got swindled. Times that by 10 if they were uber self righteous and over zealous, which categorically, most j dubs can be filed under. We have all seen how people react when they are proven wrong over trivial stuff. Imagine having something you have invested your entire life into, something that caused you to unnecessarily shun friends (or potentially family), go door to door and tell people that if you do not conform to this doctrine you will die by God's wrath, and have it all turn out to be complete BS. Most do not have any sense of identity outside of the Org, so they would be left feeling utterly hopeless.

  • carla

    "...who investigate the activities of the WTS...." jw's are not allowed to truly investigate anything about the org even the early history. They accept the revisionist water downed version put out by the org itself.

    If one is told certain things about the history they can simply go to the elder and he will tell you that 'mistakes' were made, human error, etc.... the jw can merrily go on their way satisfied that the wt has done all the homework needed and any mistakes were not that bad anyway. The mistakes didn't really impact peoples lives in a negative way and so on. I know this because that is exactly how it went down in my house when my jw joined up and I tried to tell him about the wt. From the early history, doctrinal, procedures, you name it I tried to tell him. The elders had an answer for everything and could just lump me in with satan trying to sabotage his 'relationship' with jah. ah, you know the story......

    jw's by and large are an intellectually lazy lot, in my opinion.

  • Finkelstein

    All good comments folks ,

    The self assumed identity designed by the WTS for all of its adherents and how the organization made any opposers to be shunned, is a vital reason why many dont leave.

    This organization has even demanded that you break away from your own family members if one leaves, as a result millions of families have been broken apart since the WTS existence..

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