What are the rules the WTS pharisees have burdended JWs with?

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  • BluesBrother

    Lol ballistic.! Never heard that one , but I do recall a Service Meeting where sisters were counselled for "Reports that sisters have been seen to be not wearing a bra", not by me ,I add

    Following danb71, I was .in my youth counselled for "Supporting" England (That is the football team) - I still do.

    A friend of mine lost his eldership because he did not follow the rule and stop his 15/16 year old daughter having a boyfriend in the congregation.

    The rule book also says:-

    You must not listen to heavy metal music

    You must not listen to rap

    You must not get absorbed in soap operas

    You must not wear the latest fashion - or be the last to abandon the old fashion

    You must not hunt or fish for sport (not that I want to, but.....)

    You must not use a kind of contraceptive that the GB does not approve of.

    I am sure we can add to this list.

  • caligirl

    There was an elder in the hall I grew up in who gave a talk in which he instructed that it was improper for a sister's skirt to be longer than her coat. This happened when I was too young to have it matter for me, but my mother told me about it. I don't know if it was ever enforced or not.

    One thing that always struck me as pharasee-like was constantly hearing that you were not doing enough. If you went out in service 10 hours, well that is great....BUT if you made time in your month to do 10 hoursm what is stopping you from 15. And if you can do 15, why not 20, ad nauseum. It always made me think of the command (and I hope I am remembering this right) to wash their hands to the wrist and the pharisees decision that if the commandment was to wash to the wrist, then how much better it would be to make people wash to the elbows. Also, I can't remember where the scripture is, but it says that some are given as evangelizers, and some to various other jobs that they were better suited to, and I always wondered how they could justify saying EVERYONE was required to go out and preach, even if it was clearly not in their make up.

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