What are the rules the WTS pharisees have burdended JWs with?

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  • berylblue

    In another thread, Mini questioned why the WTS does not see that the GB and elders are like the pharisees. What do you all think are the "rules" JWs have been given that smack of Pharisaical (is that a word?) burdening and/or hypocricy?

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    beryl, I would hate to see you remain blue about not getting any replies, 'cause cheeses cares for the needy.

    In answer - one only needs to look at ANY publication put out by the WTBTS.


  • greven

    Rules how to dress

    Rules how to marry

    Rules how to eat

    Rules how to speak

    Rules how to date

    Rules how to behave in public

    Rules how to have sex

    Rules how to smile at the door

    Rules how what to think

    Rules how to study

    Rules how to lead a life that benefits them.

    Rules which music/movies/friends/mates etc are allowed

    Rules how to shun types like Greven

    You really can't think of anything or they have some silly rules about it to control that aspect of life!


  • foreword

    Greven, give us a chance will ya....

    Next time don't answer the b question before it is asked, OK!!!!! Keep it short...as to allow others to participate.....lol

  • greven

    Hey, wow! That is the very first time I have been counseled here (besides Vivamus kicking my butt now and then)!

    My defence: But Br foreword, there is so much more to mention, enough for the rest of us to last three whole studies!



  • foreword

    Sister you are overstepping your boundaries. You need to be more humble in your acceptance of counsel.

    Didn't you know that only us brothers can determine how much material we will cover in the study.

    Just follow our lead, and be happy that we don't require (burden) you wearing a napkin on your head while you sit in front of your PC.

  • JamesThomas

    This is not a written rule, but it's certainly a intrinsic principle on which the JW's are based, a condition, a mind set...of spiritual blindness. The Pharisees are analogous of the carnal and material mind, whose beliefs are strictly fundamental and tightly regimented. Their gods are images of man and their "heavenly kingdom" is in time and space. They make copies of material kings and kingdoms, imagine them invisible, and call it "spiritual". A mysterious, shadowy, unseen photocopy of the phenomenal world -- is not spiritual. But it's the best the mind can do. As did the Pharisees, the Society sees itself as embracing the highest of "truth" and spiritual understanding, when in fact there is no spiritual comprehension at all. They are blinded by the "letter" which "killith". They worship the letter, the dogma, and their imagined gods as Truth; and can not see beyond them to spiritual significance. This extreme myopia is shared by fundamentalist everywhere, in all religions, though the Org seems an ultra form of it. Spiritual understanding is not a product of the mind. JamesT

  • proplog2

    Don't put your arm around your wife and rub her shoulder during the meeting. There are single sisters that may feel bad.

    You shouldn't go on fishing trips and leave your wife at home. Do you know what she may be doing while you are gone?

    Can't use binocculars at assemblies.

    Back in the 1950's if you hung out colored bed sheets (remember blue, pink, yellow pastels?) you would get a talking to.

    The Golden Age used to condemn jazz & blues. Blues were especially bad with their simultaneous expression of grief & joy at the same time.

    Just a couple of things I've heard. If I think about it I could list a thousand.

  • rocketman

    I've said before that the WTS in many cases does not need to print things as rules per se; all they need is jws to make them into rules and enforce them. The elders especially are known for this. Greven's list and proplog's as well were very inclusive of the rules I've seen.

  • rocketman

    I'll try to illustrate with one of greven's examples :how to dress

    At a District Convention some time ago, it was reported to me (I didn't actually hear the comment in the talk) that a speaker said that sister's skirts and dress legnths should be "below the knee, and above the ankle". Now, up till then, I'd had never seen such a statement in print. But once the brother said it, and others heard it and applied it, it became, in essence, a rule. A sister tried to argue this with me when I was an elder. I tried to explain that there was no such thing as such a rule, but she was interpreting what the brother said as a rule. I tried to counter, to no avail, that people just need to use good judgement. And yet, in a sense, I knew that I could not "win" the argument, because what the brother said had in effect become a rule.

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