What are the rules the WTS pharisees have burdended JWs with?

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  • aunthill

    Back in the 70's you couldn't buy a skirt that was longer than about mid-thigh. Then the fashion mavens came out with long, ankle length skirts. I thought how great! Now I can buy some long, modest skirts to wear to the KH, NOT! Some "brother" got up at a Circuit Assembly and said how we shouldn't be wearing long skirts because it was a "fad" and Jehovah's "clean" people were not to get caught up in fads! Like rocketman said, it was never in print but it became a rule.

    At another circuit assembly, late 70's early 80's, a brother stated from the platform that the friends couldn't hold skating parties for their kids because what if someone got hurt? Or even worse, what if someone got in an accident on the drive to or from the skating rink? Then the person who organized the party would be blood guilty!

    How many families were broken up by brothers telling couples how they could or could not have sex? I guess they never read Song of Solomon - or maybe they thought all those references to belly, thighs and breasts were "symbolic"!

    I could go on and on, but I'll let somebody else vent now.

  • foreword

    I remember this younger brother (early 20's) that had a serious acne problem, so he decides to grow a beard, cause he had a hard time to shave. The guy wasn't good looking to start with, but I heard the sisters mentioning that it went well and made him look better. And plus for him it was for health reasons and not to be rebelious or anything, he was a serious person. I was happy for him cause it did cover his face and made it less obvious he had that problem.

    But nooooo, after a circuit assembly, which was only a few weeks after he had grown the beard, he had to shave it off, some were stumbled by it. I couldn't believe it, what a bunch of ....(i won't say it). And I'm sure the elders were prompt to remind him that all things are good but not necessarily beneficial.

    Man, I wish I could go back and argue the hell out of them. Truly, they are pharisees and it's so easy to prove it.

  • kilroy2

    hey proplog2 we used to call the sister who could not get married[caus no one wanted them] 7up never had it never will. as far as fishing trips who cares what the wife does as long as she videos it so i can watch when i get home. dont need binocculars at the ass. just a pillow to lay my head on mamas lap and dream of what she did when i was fishing, they should not worry about my sheets they should worry more about the sex toys in the dresser. now as far as no jazz and blues they can eat my ass. my most favroit town is new orleans in the french quarter on bourbon st. at a jazz club with a beer and tosson beads.

  • unique1

    You shouldn't wear baggy jeans!!! They are the devil you know. For the past I would say 9 years, cause it started before I got married 6 years ago, at every assembly when they would talk about fads that we shouln't wear they always mentioned Baggy jeans. I mean, really they have been out of style for several years now, and really would 80's style super tight stretch jeans be any better? I think the society needs to hire a stylist before they start poking fun at a trend that is no longer A TREND!!!

  • confuzcious

    I remember the elders in my circuit having a fit because brothers were shaving their heads.

    They were counciled for copying Michael Jordan.

    Then a few years after that, some of the white brothers in my cong began shaving their heads because they were going bald.

    The got a reaming too.

  • apostate

    They told me chewing gums during meetings dishonors Jehovah. They made me to spit it out.

    One young brother showed up on a kingdom hall construction in a T-shirt with Nike logo on it. They did not allowed him to work unless he covered the logo with a piece of duct tape.

  • Francois

    Bloodguilty? My understanding from the most superficial reading of Galatians says for the congregation not to pay any attention to anyone who attempted to re-impose any of the Mosiac law on them ever again.

    If the entire idea behind bloodguilt isn't Mosiac, I'll eat your panties.


  • ozziepost

    You guys and gals will just love the rules on dress and grooming in the latest School guidebook!

    Such things as:

    • how you are to comb your hair
    • You'll just love this: "One of the first aspects of personal appearance that is noticed by others is our hair." Oh yeah??
    • "neatly trimmed" mustaches
    • how to stand (erect!!!!!!)
    • how to dress when in informal situations

    etc etc

    There is a summary box on page 132 that 'helpfully' has a "Check your appearance" checklist, which includes these gems:

    1. Is there anything about your appearance that might reflect love of the world?
    2. Is there any good reason to think that your appearance could stumble someone?

    Aren't you glad to be away from all that?

    Cheers, Ozzie

    Freedom means not having to wear a tie.

  • ballistic

    Don't get your tits out.

    This was a special needs talk to our congregation after sisters were reportedly sunbathing semi-naked as is the custom here in southern England. Unfortunately I did not witness the actual incident.

  • Tashawaa

    The 6 months, 1 year - or longer "rule", of attending meeting (with no one talking to you) to PROVE repentance, before they'll consider re-instatement.

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