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  • Vidqun

    Onager, even today there are men that believe women and children are possessions. The fact that you have elevated yourself to a higher moral code is indeed commendable. I am sure God will approve. To date he has not interfered with our development. He has only involved himself with the Israelites and those nations in the general vicinity of Israel. But now that man has come to a point where he is able to wipe out everything with his atomic and hydrogen bombs, the time has come for him to act (cf. Rev. 11:18). Interestingly, this prophecy was written up approximately 2000 years ago. Even then God knew that man would reach a point where he would be able to destroy himself and his home. But be thankful, he will give us adequate warning, that is if my understanding of these verses is correct (cf. Rev. 11:3-13). Each of us will be in a position to decide where we stand. So, as for me, I will be looking out for the two prophets. Hopefully, they will make their appearance in my lifetime.

  • Onager

    Sorry Vidqun, I wasn't comparing myself to other men around me. In today's climate I'd say I was about average in the goodness stakes. No, I'm comparing myself to the actions condoned by the god of the bible, Enshrined for all time by him as an example for us to follow.

    It's bad stuff.

    IF there is a creator (which would be nice) and IF he\she\it is interventionist but has just popped out to the shops for 10 fags and a banana Yazoo for the last 6,000 years and IF they're the judgemental sort then I guaran-goddam-tee that they will be very unimpressed by bible followers!

  • Vidqun

    Onager, three conclusions at this point in my life, for what they are worth: Firstly, if a person like the God of the Bible did exist, time would be relative for him, e.g., ‘a day as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day’ (cf. 2 Peter 3:8). Secondly, if I was conducting a huge experiment, such as allowing humanity to develop, I would prefer not to interfere overly much, rather let nature run its course. Thirdly, I am convinced that such a person’s thoughts and way of doing things would be vastly different from ours (cf. 1 Cor. 2:16).

    However, according to the Bible he is fair and just. He would certainly not be implicated in the self-serving and slanted preaching of the Witnesses who are presently judging people on the basis of taking literature, reading the Watchtower, clicking on JW.org and believing what they believe. How many people would never even come in contact with the Witnesses? According to such a system, people would be judged because of ignorance and sentenced to death. Doesn’t make sense. I just don’t see the Creator of the Universe involving himself with such a inhumane, twisted, man-made concoction of a scheme, lacking any semblance of justice.


    When Jehovah a "13th Century Catholic Translation Mistake" brings Armageddon, will he let me live long enough to witness the deaths of my children and grand children because they didn't believe in him?

    Fear Not!..

    Mistakes Can Be Rubbed Out!.....Eraser Man Will Save You!..


    *CRAP!!.....IT`S ERASER MAN!!!*

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  • Bonsai

    Vidqun, I have come to three conclusions about God in my experience (for what it's worth).

    1) The sovereignty issue is moot because god unfairly intervened in human affairs when he toppled the tower of babel and divided up mankind with all these crazy languages that still divide humans and are the sources of miscommunication and wars today. You cannot reach a reliable hypothesis when you keep changing the controls and ground rules of the experiment.

    2) If a god does exist he loves violence, death and suffering. The whole universe from a molecular level on up is filled with violence, death and the domination of one species over another to survive. Experience a killer tsunami near where you live and tell me there is a designer capable of love or justice. Then tell that to the relatives of the bloating bodies of those who drowned or were electrocuted on the coast.

    3) Give me a pen, paper and a couple shrooms and I could write you a story more plausible, believable and cohesive than the sorry, delusional babble called Revelations. If Revelations is the best god can do to communicate the weighty future of mankind, then god needs to go back to primary school and then take a communications course at a local community college.


    the Anti-Christ will create a hellish existence for people on earth.....Perry


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  • Heaven

    Outlaw, holy cow... that looks like Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

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