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  • freddo

    You weren't "sighing and groaning" or "greatly distressed" over "the terrible world conditions."

    In other words you weren't susceptible and vulnerable to the fantasy panda petting with your dead loved ones he was offering.

  • jookbeard
    Fencing its a strange strategy they have now because the winning over of potential recruits in regards to being armed with The Reasoning book and over coming objections etc,at one time must have been relatively successful , how many times have to heard it said " I joined because I couldn't win the arguments with them" Its still clear that very few householders read the mags, they are boring, poorly made, its hard enough getting the R&F to read them, if I was shown a video presentation I think I would be just as disinterested , maybe they are paying attention to stats like what this site and many others quote about the over 7000 hours it takes to convert 1 single recruit, the stats dont lie!
  • Darkknight757

    Back in the day I worked with a long time Auxiliary Pioneer who would get derailed on the easiest of subjects. It was as if she really didn't care if she was successful or not. I remember quite a few times she would get asked if she was a JW and the householder would say, "I'm not interested." Now from here a few basic questions could be asked to perhaps persuade the householder back on track.

    She would just be like, "Ok have a nice day!" and that was it. 😕 It was such a waste of time working with someone like that lol.

    Personally I just enjoyed talking to people. I never cared much about selling those silly mags. Just share a thought from the bible and ask for an HONEST opinion, good or bad. Had some great convos with people since most thought the bible was rubbish anyways. Those experiences were probably the one thing I actually miss about serve us.

  • Phizzy

    They never were taught how to "overcome objections" even though they thought they were. That TMS and the SM were as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Some like me taught themselves, and like DK757 above, I was not a Literature salesman but a conversationalist.

    It made me laugh when one lady said to me "I like talking to you when you come around here, I just hate those Jehovah's Witnesses". I had to explain that I was one LOL

  • nowwhat?
    Since you took the mags. They will be back. There's your chance.
  • wallsofjericho

    If you've ever watched a service demostration not one in all history has ever had the "householder" do anything other than nod in 100% agreement

    No one is prepared for this.

    I heard aN elder once sharing an experience like this and he basically said it finally dawned on him that the reason the HH wasnt playing ball with him is because he's worldly and worldly people are stupid!

    The arrogance

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    I had a visit from an elderly couple of Witnesses last week (the first in several years), and all they wanted to do was hand me a leaflet that posed the question, “what do you think of the bible?”, which was followed by three answers that went something like, is it “just a good book”, “a collection of fables”, or “the word of God”.

    I replied that it had lots of fables in it, but it was far from a good book. I said it’s no different to this ISIS lot, demanding we stone to death worshipers of other religions, adulterers, children who disrespect their parents, homosexuals, blasphemers, and a host of other trivial crimes. They looked a bit lost for words, and said something like, “well that’s not what Jesus taught”, to which I said, “No, but it was the Law Jesus lived under when he was on earth, the Law he was supposed to keep and fulfil”. I’m not sure they even knew what I was talking about, and just asked me again if I would like to take their leaflet, to which I said, “No, I’ve already got the book, along with every other book the Watchtower has ever published”. They gave me a funny look and just walked away.

    I don’t know if these people are dumbed down, when I think back to the 1970s when I was active, I knew a lot of fellow Witnesses who didn’t have had a clue, and could barely argue a case for anything. And the last pair of Witnesses who knocked on my door were young and were able to engage in arguing their case, which we did for nearly an hour.

  • baker
    I heard last year some time, that the preaching work was going to end soon, so just waiting. Actually that might help them in reverse , some on the side lines would come back thinking the end had come already(invisibly) and it would be all over the news being such a huge change...
  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    I've had two elders calling on my recently. By chance they caught me at home which is rare. I haven't really spoken to any Witnesses regarding doctrine for about 20 years so I was just curious as to what they had to say. I was surprised by the lack of understanding of some of their key doctrines. For instance, the blood issue. I asked why they won't accept blood transfusions and they insisted the reason was because it was unsafe. At first I thought they were giving me one of the benefits of avoiding blood transfusions and not the actual scriptural reason but no. We went round and round and they absolutely insisted that the reason the bible prohibits blood transfusions is because they're unsafe and we might contract a disease. So I asked then if it would be okay to make blood soup. Cooking the blood would surely make it safe to eat. The answer: No. I asked why and they said "no, blood soup is not good". Then they basically said "We don't take blood because God said so and that's good enough".
  • new boy
    new boy

    Back up here.

    Remember what are JWs looking for?

    Unhappy and not very intelligent people. You came off as neither. Thus the quick exit.

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