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  • Tameria2001

    I can give you one little piece of advice if you are trying to fade, make sure all and any research is not in the main living section of your home, where visitors can see it. When I was trying to fade, was not successful in this. My brother-in-law stopped by my home. I thought I had everything all covered up, but low and behold, he spotted one little picture of the pyramid that is close to Russel's grave and really got up in our (my husband and I) business. My husband and him (his own brother) don't get along, and hubby is easily riled up by his brother, he knows how to push my husband's buttons. Anyways keep all research in another room that any current witness or guest never go in.

  • zeb

    They find out because others tell them people like the 'dragon' class sisters. People of the 'self-righteous' class brothers and sisters. Your own relatives who have to run to the elders for every little thing. (in that they have my sympathy)

    I recall a visiting overseer saying to be aware of the "Hyperactive conscience".. and you could feel the foundations shake; but the individuals concerned (see above) never changed as they had been made what they were by years of wt inculcation.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If nobody really knows you and where you live, consider the full immediate disappearing instead of a drawn out fade.

    Feel free to live a normal worldly life then. The vast majority of people don't violate JW rules in public except smoking and doing holiday stuff.

    Don't smoke (it's bad for you anyway) in public and minimize your public participation in holidays. Also, be careful about your social media. Maybe use your fake persona to join any groups like you did here.

    I like the stumbled victim play, but I fully recommend you save it for a persistant elder. Prior to that point, I recommend just staying out of conversations with them. "I am fine, I will call you if I need you."

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