Memorial Invitation

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  • sparrowdown
    If you stop going they will stop asking, so, as outlaw said just say no.
  • Poztate

    This year everybody is going to get "lucky" Not only family will pester you with memorial invites but the Elders have been instructed to contact all Faders,DA's and DF's with a nice little invite to memorial and a copy of the RTJ propaganda. I would well imagine that all DA's and DF's will still be treated like shit if they take them up on the kind invite.

    I know they will come to see me. I also know it will happen when my Wife is out in serviceā„¢

    I plan on not answering the door. Am I afraid of them...Not in the least. I just want to make it as hard as I can for them to contact me.I will Ignore them. I would love to have them explain to the CO why they couldn't contact me

    NO I will not be attending... Their Bullshit has long been over for me (I got out in 1982)

  • sparrowdown
    Thanks for the headsup poztate!
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Memorial, assemblies just say yes will/or did go and you actually don't go. That's a way.

    But in the back of your mind you still feel like you're conforming to their power.

  • Divergent
    Attend, then sneak out halfway & pull the fire alarm =)
  • talesin


  • cognac

    I'm faded but have been outted as an apostate, so I can't imagine anyone inviting me... I'd only consider going if my parents invited me, which I very, very highly doubt they'd do... Otherwise I'd just say no. What are they gonna do?

  • TheListener

    I'm probably in the minority but I attend the memorial and so do the kids. It's the only dub activity we do with my wife. Why? To keep peace in our household.

    We have a nice dinner as a family, show up at the memorial, say hi to a few people I rarely see and go home to watch tv or play a game. There's worse ways to spend an evening.

    So I do it to keep peace because I know my wife, along with most dubs, feel that once you stop attending the memorial you really aren't even a christian. And I don't think I can ever help my wife see TTATT if I skip the memorial.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Missing the Memorial is subtly considered the most ''evil'' thing someone can do. Nobody has really said that, but just in hearing conversations it's implied to in a way.
  • Heartsafire
    Last year I told my husband there was no point in being present because I'm just gonna pass the wine and bread like everyone else. The only dubs who actually need to be there are the ones who partake. He was so shocked by that his mouth gaped open like a large mouth bass. I guess that thought had never crossed his mind.

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