Is this how you saw your Armageddon? I sure did :(

by Diogenesister 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • steve2

    Even JW depictions of impending doom at Jehovah's hands shows patently evil looking humans staring down death (look at the video shown at the last Regional Convention in which armed menacing looking men are attacked by Jesus). Thank goodness they no longer show children with dolls and toys falling down through the cracks in the earth when Armageddon strikes. Those sorts of grisly depictions are a step too far for most JWs - yet if you listen to what is preached from the platform....

  • Diogenesister
    Pete ZaHut THEY" would threaten to injure my little sisters if I didn't "renounce my faith. How could a 10 year old boy possibly stand firm while witnessing his little sisters being tortured and why would anyone care if I lied and said I didn't believe in Jehovah anymore, just to keep save them.

    Thats why Jehovah’s Witness women, who wouldn’t have been called up, went to Nazi camps rather than sign a lousy piece of paper renouncing their faith. Whereas Jewish people can lie to save a life a Jewish woman, if possible, could deny her faith just to stay alive.

    why on earth would it matter what a child said under torture? How could that “count” as a victory for Satan? I think we all experienced those fantasy’s. Rather than the GB citing Jesus & King David breaking Shabbat to preserve life, they chose to rabble rouse in Rutherford tradition to the detriment of witnesses.

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