Did you look like a Jehovah Witness?

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  • Maverick

    My Ex wife was a stage make-up artist. She knew all the style requirements for both men and women. My suits were sharp, tie was perfect, nails manicured, but the Gucci watch, one carrot diamond ring, pearl tie tack, cowboy boots( polished to perfection) and the mustache always got me dirty looks! Maverick

  • Sangdigger

    Its funny looking back at how you always knew when someone didnt show up to the meeting in JW attire, (blue jeans, button up with no tie, or a neatly shaved beard) they were either fresh fish (prospective converts) or inactive.

    I definately looked the stereo-typical dub when i was pre-teen. Brown polyester pants, tube socks (with the green bay packer colors up high only you couldnt see them) and black leather shoes, and white shirt with clip on tie. LOL!! And even then i was counseled several times about "hair touching my ear" I think in the 70's that was a sign of worldliness.

  • rocketman

    I dress basically the same way I did when I was an active jw. The people I always felt bad for were females, because they were the targets of the dress code police. Our PO at that time seemed to always be checking what they wore. It was ridiculous.

  • Tuesday

    Well I was kicked out for growing shoulder length hair. Actually when I had short hair I took advantage of it and I spiked it, wore all black and a big spiked dog collar. I don't think I looked like a witness when I wasn't at the hall. Then again who would wear those button down shirts in their free time?

  • LovesDubs

    The publications are FULL of Joe-Witness pictures, even when they were supposedly AT HOME in dresses and flat shoes, and mid calf skirts and buttoned up to HERE....I CHUCKED all my "Kingdom Hall Clothes" after DAing...couldnt STAND to look at em any more.

  • danb71

    ah yes, i too am no stranger to the clip-on tie, the polyester pants, the short-sleeved dress shirt. i read in GQ a while back that you should only wear short-sleeved dress shirts if you work in the control room at NASA.

    my sister and i got it pretty bad from our elder stepdad and others, of course his taste ran to cowboy boots and flannel shirts (pre-nirvana). i wanted my hair to be like judd nelson's in "breakfast club" so we always got into it over that. or the "worldly" concert t-shirts. or my "sold my soul for rock n roll" bloom county t-shirt with opus wearing headphones and playing air guitar. yeah those were the days. nope don't miss 'em.

    i wonder, what will my generation's children do to offend us? piercings, tattoos, f'd up hair (or none in my case), we've been there etc. to offend me, i think my boy will have to wear, yep you guessed it, clip-on ties and short-sleeved dress shirts. and carry a briefcase. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


  • SheilaM

    You all tell me that is me on the avatar LOL

  • xjw_b12

    For bewise : Typical jw elder on right. Notice the handsome haircut, and well defined ears ! He is busy lecturing Sister new on the length of her dress, and the tightness of her blouse.

  • Hamas

    This is a great question, because it brings it all home to me .

    I didnt look the part one bit.. There I was, whilst the other Witnesses had long Hitler style coats , I had a Nike jacket with the logo splashed all over it. I was crazy . The only cool JW you would ever see, Im remarkable.

    The others couldn't understand it.

    It was like being a Jewish Nazi , total contradiction in terms

  • truthseeker1

    Typical Witness dress:

    No really....Here is me out in service. Funny and true comment about the polished shoes, long sleeve shirt and Crappy tie...

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