Another mass shooting, three or four hours ago.

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  • pbrow

    freemind.. i think the major problem is the mental health crisis. 50 years ago people with mental health problems were treated horribly with not much due process. It is much harder (and with good reason) to throw people in the loony bin now. I deal with mental health prof in my job pretty regularly and it seems like they are very conservative when determining to commit someone which is a good thing. I see the pendulum swinging back towards committing people who need to be committed and getting help for those that need help. Thats where we need to be... its happenening but its a slow process


  • Finkelstein

    I think what the US needs to do is put an all out ban on assault type guns that's a start and increase the regulation onto people who can own and purchases guns of far as licensing and background investigation much like getting a driving license, complete with picture ID.

    Being that the US has such widespread distribution of guns on a retail and private sales , there needs to be more regulation to who can own guns and have them officially legalized to do so and It needs to be implemented on a federal level.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Japan has virtually no guns among the public. Japanese police, even though

    they carry small handguns they rarely use them if they do they shoot in the

    air or shoot to hit the criminals leg.

    Japan produced one of the lowest crime rates in the world. A country of 127 million

    people yet street crime is almost unheard of, the murder rate is only lower in

    tiny Monaco and Palau.

    But we have guns are illegal in Mexico, so what's the solution....

  • sloppyjoe2

    I haven't been involved in any Gun debate on here or in person before today. In fact I have never really given much care to the topic. For some reason this yesterday has made me form an opinion on the topic. I was considering getting a concealed carry permit in my state along with my wife, but now as a matter of choice I will not. At least I will live like I believe on the matter.

    I have seen multiple facebook posts on the topic of, California bans Assault rifles, how did that work out, Chicago bans guns and they have a huge gun problem. None of those laws matter, when you can get those weapons in the next state over in california's case or outside the city limits in chicago's case. The weapons are still available to anyone somewhere in this country. For the life of me I can't figure out why someone actually thinks owning an Assault rifle is necessary and a right. When would someone ever use it to defend themselves?

    Next I hear people say you need the guns to fight against the government because we can't trust them. Assault rifles were banned in this country from 1994-2004. If you had already legally purchased one, it was allowed, but no new ones were allowed to be made and sold in this country. I didn't own one then or now, and the government then and now has yet to come and over power me due to my not having any guns.

    Banning guns will not stop this. True it will not eliminate these mass shootings altogether, but do we really believe that not having guns easily accessible wouldn't thwart some of these? Using these mass shootings is not the time to discuss this issue? Using fear to promote an agenda? Then when should we talk about it? Twenty children that's 20 were killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook elementary and america's response was FU we love our guns more. America did not care at all to do ANYTHING to change the problem. Why do we make some drugs illegal then, it doesn't stop use altogether. I realize we are just going to debate this for nothing and for the remainder of my life I will have to live with mass killings happening in america. At least people get to keep their beloved guns I guess.

  • Diogenesister

    Just throwing this into the mix, make of it wwhat you will.

    * The firearms where purchased legally & registered.

    * The suspects had no criminal records that where known to police.

    Source: los Angeles Times

  • little_Socrates

    Folks this case has nothing to do with gun control laws... If they where willing to take the risk of manufacturing explosives... gun control laws would not have stopped them.

    Why don't gun control laws keep people in France safe?

  • freemindfade

    Finkelstein, I agree assault weapons ban is great, but again understand the problem as it relates to how often they are used in rampage shootings. Everyone assumes this is the weapon of choice in all mass shootings and that is incorrect. In fact its often NOT an assault rifle. So its fine to ban them but still is misunderstanding what is often happening in mass shootings. If you go through statistics its almost always involving handguns as the weapon of choice, sometimes shotguns are involved, sometimes rifles, and rarely Assault Rifles. That's just the reality

    If gun control prevents one mass shooter from getting a weapon at all or having to 'make do' with a less efficient killing tool then that can and will save lives.

    Still my point is when we have a mass shooting arms go up in the air and everyone cries "gun control" as the solution to these things. saving a life or two and solving the problem are not the same. My point is mass shootings complexity and solutions are often buried under outcries for gun control. Why just save a few extra lives when the bigger issues could be addressed and save every ones life? Then your gun control will be more effective.

    * The firearms where purchased legally & registered.

    But the assault rifles did not belong to these two, keep that in mind.

  • Billyblobber

    False dichotomy.

    It's not either safe/not safe.

    It's safER/LESS safe that is the question.

  • Billyblobber

    There are no bigger issues that you can address that will save everyone's life. Every bigger issue is a symptom to the flaws inherent in humanity. You can only minimize the effects of these flaws when they showcase themselves.

    Also, it's not an either/or thing and you can do both at the same time.

  • sloppyjoe2
    @little_socrates, guns are accessible elsewhere and easily brought in. Where were the law abiding citizens with conceal carry weapons to stop this shooting and protect? No where. Cnn just interviewed a man who said he was carrying a side arm and chose not to use it. Why? Because no fool is going to go up against 2-3 assualt rifles with their little hand gun. I can counter your statement of why didn't gun control laws keep france safe with why have Australia's gun control laws worked?

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