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  • The Big Machine
    The Big Machine
    I was surprised to see them turn up without a pre organized tour booking and they were accommodated. He gave them his real name and they held them up for a short while to see if they could organize it.
    Not only has he announced a number of leaks and is an activist but he also managed to get AMII's direct phone number and prank called him.
    They might want to put more effort into their security.

    The security guard was probably just checking if they had enough space to accommodate 4 more people rather than doing a background check on Lloyd.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Sadly for me all I can see is Cedars' ego in that video...I can't watch any more of his...its all about him...he wants to the biggest exjw person and wants to live off it rather than work.

    Nothing wrong with that but I see through his work and see the real motivation behind his work...I'm in no way convinced he is doing it just to help others see the folly of the WT...he's in it for himself.

    Many disagree with this, fair enough...but the opening sequence of this video is all about Cedar's...he then pushes the whole paetron thing thanking people handing over the cash so he can buy equipment and visit Warwick.

    I just don't like...my opinion and others disagree...he has made fine videos but something I have said in the past when his videos were more neutral when he was "faded" they were far better...now they appear from the point of view of an apostate since he DA'd himself...any still in JW's will not watch any video of his that are rebuttals of the JW broadcasts but they would have had he remained more neutral.

    But that is the direction he wants to go...I like some of his videos but he is not my cup of tea.

  • slimboyfat

    Really? Why did the former Bible Student call the police?

    I agree I don’t like Lloyd’s style. But I don’t grudge Lloyd making money from Watchtower. If I could figure out how to do it I would do it myself! Ray Franz, Randy Watters... others have done it. If they do it well it’s not instead of work, it is work.

  • redvip2000
    Nothing wrong with that but I see through his work and see the real motivation behind his work...I'm in no way convinced he is doing it just to help others see the folly of the WT...he's in it for himself.

    I guess the countless amount of folks who constantly praise his work for helping them escape the cult, means nothing to you.

    Whether you like him or not, he is helping many people, certainly much more than you.

    And by the way, it's totally fine if he promotes himself. In fact this is essential, because he lives off advertising and other sources of revenue associated with his activism. The more he promotes himself, the more his videos will be watched, and more people will be helped, and yes he will make more money.

    If i could make money off helping people leave the Washtowell, then I would as well.

  • steve2

    Are visitors screened before entry to detect whether they've been immoral or - worse - harbouring apostate ideas?

    Do the Credit card machines reject cards by immoral or apostate persons? If an apostate inserts their card just before a loyal JW insets theirs, will cross-contamination occur?

    Is Russell's miracle wheat or Rutherford's Beth Sarim on display? Is a court transcript of Russell's wife filing for divorce or Rutherford's infamous loss in the Olin Moyle case displayed in a secure glass cabinet?

    Are reviews of Ray Franz's Crisis of Conscience featured? I authored the following fake review: "Having refused to humble myself to touch anything written by this notorious apostate, I declare this book unreadable".

  • notsurewheretogo

    Good point...but...these people are watching his videos whilst "still in"? meaning they must already be on the fence so to speak otherwise there JW voice would say this is wrong to watch.

    In the past when Cedars was more neutral you COULD watch his videos WHILST being 100% in because I did...and it was a factor in me getting out.

    BUT he has drastically changed his website and where he is going with his activism...fair enough but it won't take someone who is in to then come out...I firmly believe if he stuck to being more neutral like Paul Grundy at jwfacts.com that you can then win over still-ins.

    But yeah he has to advertise himself if he wants to live off for sure...my point is over the 6 years I've been out it appears to me that his goal is himself first...but that is just my opinion.

    The real thing is whatever gets people out I'm all for...if people like his videos...great...I do not with some of them based on his previous dealings.

  • sparrowdown

    Where were the displays proudly focusing on the things that make JWs "different so therefore true" to all other false religion?

    You'd have thought the Guardians of Doctrine could devote at least one display to all the people who's lives have been destroyed because of the no-blood doctrine. I mean if you lay down your life for WT don't you deserve a passing mention for your loyalty and obedience to death?

    What about the history of shunning? A "NOT a Cross" room? A "Trinity Sminity" display? A "Creation" room?

    C,mom WT you're not trying hard enough.

    And appparently filming someone on your phone is "cinematoghraphy." Lol. Seemed like a homage to WT.

  • sparrowdown

    Hey, they could have have put up "It's ok to be apostate" posters lol.

    That's a joke by the way ie not to be taken seriously.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    The video was well done

    Very informative.

  • stuckinarut2

    It was amazing to see how much they still highlighted CT Russel, even though the WT has recently tried to minimise his role!

    And Yes, as Steve2 said, where were all the controversial disturbing parts of Russel's life?

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