7 day conventions?

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  • alanv

    I think by 1969 it was just 4 days. I cant even imagine being there for more than that

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes Alan, the assembly days were reduced in number but they were still all about the opposite sex...........

  • joe134cd

    I was born in the early 70s. I can only remember the 4 day district and 2 day circuits which were twice a year.

  • Phoebe

    I remember them. Wembley and Twickenham conventions in particular. Camping, as well. My poor mum, how did she cope with us kids? I remember washing my hair in a cold bowl of water outside my tent. The brothers had set up a campsite with names for the rows (think that might have been the Wembley convention) Our tent was on 'Salvation Road' The chemical toilets on the camp site overflowed and we couldn't use them. The conventions were so long but as a teenager I loved them. it was our only form of a social life, the only way we got to meet other teenagers and swap addresses, so we loved the long conventions. We'd plan our convention outfits months in advance. We all made our own clothes in those days, so we'd spend hours sewing our convention dresses.

    Assemblies were three days - Friday night - Sunday.

    When you are starved of contact with other children, the conventions were something you looked forward to. But they must have been a nightmare for mums and dads and the elderly.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    1958 in NY at Yankee stadium and then the big one in Atlanta GA. 8 days of hell. The temperature was around 100 degrees everyday with severe thunderstorms in the afternoon followed by a steam bath. My parents and me all had heat sickness for about a week. What a genius idea having a open air stadium in Atlanta GA in July!!!!!! Still Totally ADD

  • waton

    1958, 8 long days in 2 nearby stadiums. dawn to dusk activity including work in cafeteria, we served meals! !returning to hotel on subway, not crowded, New Yorkers must have fled knowing we were coming.

    highlights? hundreds of busses driving inside Yankee stadium to take baptism candidates to beach. demonstration: skirts were to be allowed on platform.

    wt had a lot of forward inertia then, people have become wiser.

  • Finkelstein

    1969 was a 7 or 8 day Assembly in Vancouver BC, long days sitting on hard benches with a poor sounding PA system, only to listen to cranked up bullshit about 1975.

    what a waste of time

  • eyeuse2badub

    My first 8 dayer was 1958 (I was 12 yo) in New York. Mom took a day off from convention and took us California boys sightseeing in the Big Apple. Convention was held at 2 outdoor venues, Yankee Stadium and the Polo Grounds. 250,000 attended 7,000 baptized. I mostly remember being hot, sweaty, and crowded.

    Another 7 or 8 dayer was held in 1963 at the famous Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasedena, southern California. Very hot stadium with no shade cover at all. 108,000 attended. I was 17 and mostly chasing the girls at that convention. It was grueling but I mostly remember meeting a lot of pretty girls, i.e. sisters, from all over the country. Since I was now a 'responsible' young man, I didn't need to sit with my mom and younger brothers. Good memories and I don't remember one thing that was said from the program.

    Last 7 or 8 dayer I recall was in Los Angeles, California at Dodger Stadium in 1969. Hot, boring, and I was a married man so I didn't have the fun of chasing the girls at that convention. I worked in security at night after the convention ended and didn't get home till 2:30 am so I mostly slept during the day sessions at the convention. lol

    just saying!

  • hoser

    I remember 4 days and some evening sessions from the late 60's.

  • tiki

    Yup....my first was 1953 Yankee stadium....but they didn't take me every day....then 1958 Yankee stadium and polo grounds...then I think it was ....hmmmm...I remember 1969 Yankee stadium...then 73....after that I think they shortened them up. But a lot of people didn't go the whole 7 days...some would do 4 or 5....cost, vacation time... and it was morning meet and go out in service...then all afternoon sessions...then dinner break then talks till 9 pm. The crowded subways..the heat humidity...people passing out....sweaty stinky bodies...then sometimes the heat would break and there would be a thunderstorm and they shroud the speaker area with plastic...people not undercover would swarm under the tiers....the long lines to the stench of urine and menstrual stuff in the ladies rooms and they open up mens rooms for sisters and those reeked even worse. And all the mirrors covered with paper so you couldn't see how bad you looked...

    But to hear Freddy Franz spouting his wild logic and brainiac interpretations...that was the highlight of the whole thing!! Talk about entertainment....

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