Why do TV networks keep "bleeping" out Trumps comments and statement?

by RubaDub 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • jwleaks

    They just bleeped him out on the TV news in Australia tonight 6:38pm AEDST

  • WTWizard

    They wanted KILLary in office, and then Lizard Warren. Lizard would fit The Agenda better, giving us total enslavement. We would have artificial energy shortages (which, at least I am prepared for with plenty of batteries and chargers for the rolling blackouts), "reparations" for slavery (which happened prior to 1860--why do we need to pay for it forever), and ultimately a full communist society.

    If they keep distorting our current president (duly elected, like it or not), they might just give Lizard the advantage it needs. Along with constant spam to give Lizard money for its campaign (I simply put "Nichts" for the amount I pledge, the same as I do for jokehovian pledges), I believe Soros is going to put Lizard in office regardless of what the people want or need. And I am sure it is not just for "swearing". I am pretty sure that most presidents, and congress people, swear at times--and they will bleep it out (to me, that is a waste of time because those words imply strong language that is usually appropriate). It is for political correctness. Make someone look bad for not being politically correct (even if factually correct) and make Lizard look good.

    For the record, no I do not intend to vote for Lizard or give that wench a penny.

  • eyeuse2badub

    After leaving the wt because of enduring decades of lies, intimidation, manipulation, and veiled fear, I cannot understand why anyone would listen to tRump speak. He's like a gb member boasting about how wonderful his administration is and what wonderful accomplishments they have brought about. He never does anything wrong so we all just need to "adjust our thinking". He's the new "Teflon Don", the great American gangster president!

    just saying!

  • RubaDub

    I never got the impression from anyone that D.T is considered a role model for young people

    Pete ...

    I guess I grew up in a generation (maybe overlapping ... lol) where the President of the United States was considered a role model for young people to aspire to be. You asked a young person (usually a boy) and asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Often, it would be "President".

    Those days are long gone, I agree.

    Rub a Dub

  • kramer

    Probably because he is a twat

  • LV101

    Ahh better previous presidents be role models for the youth of America - how about Obama with his lies and lack of respect for the citizens of the country - other than liberals. All the spying and total disregard for law enforcement and military other than his on stage show biz fake. When he's too busy skimming off of the deep state along with Quid Pro Joe & Son (and lineage) ole Horndog Clinton could fill the role -- now there's the A-TEAM role model. Ole Hil could fill in when he's busy w/lying under oath - she's quite a reputation for protecting and serving women -- (Ole Horndog's VICS is good example) especially representing rapist-horror-monsters against little girls! Now -- these are the role models of America -- you bet!

    How about these professional politicians the left is so enamored with serve the country without pay - why not. They're so passionate about serving - follow the historical role models of the forefathers. Many of them were wealthy business men - sacrificed their lives to serve their country - not all, of course, were educated, wealthy.

    Clintons would have had a difficult time - have to forfeit their tax free organization to fleece the world - same bad news for the Obamas altho different wealth game. So many - they should write books for the general public - deep state wealth.

  • RubaDub

    better previous presidents be role models for the youth of America - how about Obama with his lies and lack of respect for the citizens of the country - other than liberals.

    LV101 ...

    So if you have a son and your options would be to have Obama or Trump which would you choose?

    You must be joking. What number wife is Trump on now?

    I never recall Obama bragging about how he can get any pu**y he wants whenever he wants.

    LV101, I guess it goes down to your own values. I guess we have different upbringings and values.

    I was not raised in a barn.

    Rub a Dub

  • LV101

    NO - Obama only hates anyone not on his liberal side -- actually many who were but left because of him.

    I guess it comes down to your own values. Good you're on the side of presidents who rape women. Good thing you've not a daughter.

    I don't share your values - you like to hit low -- that's a classless act but seems to be your MO.

    I don't care what or where you were raised. Maybe some who were raised in barns protect women and care about those who have different political views.

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